Surf in Galicia: the best beaches

Have you ever been tempted to dance with a board on the waves? Have you ever felt curious about the world of surfing and all the excitement of experiencing it up close?

If so, you probably already know some of the Galician beaches we will talk about today. But if you have not decided yet, today we will propose several beaches that, in addition to falling in love, will make you want to start practicing this sport full of adrenaline as soon as possible.

Anyway, Galicia is an exceptional place for surfing. Did you know that it is here where in 2014 was recorded the largest wave of all Spain since we have data? It’s nothing less than 27.81 meters.

But let’s go with the beaches…

The first one that comes to mind when thinking about surfing in Galicia is surely Pantín Beach, since it is here where every year is celebrated the international surf championship Pantín Classic, on which we talked about previously. This beach is about 20 minutes from Ferrol (A Coruña) and, besides being almost virgin, it has waves all year round.

Very close to here, in Ferrol, is the Doniños Beach. This beach stands out for the quality of its waves, as well as for its strong winds, that make believe that large waves. It is spring and summer when you can best enjoy surfing there.

A little further down the map, in Carballo, is the Razo Beach, one of the busiest and the second largest in the Galician community, just over five kilometers long. This beach is known for the quality of its waves, which allow practicing surfing to almost anyone. In fact, it is one of the best beaches to get started in this sport. In addition, and unlike the other beaches in the area, in this area you can surf either at high tide or low.

We continue our route through the province of A Coruña and stop now at O ​​Rostro Beach, in the heart of Costa da Morte, a slightly hidden beach that is considered dangerous for bathing but exceptional for surfing. And there is a curiosity: they say that under the sand of this beach is an ancient city founded by the Celtic tribe of Nerios, the city of Dugium.

In the area of ​​Muros we find three more beaches that complete our Coruña route and that will delight those who love this sport: Area Grande, Ancoradoiro and Lariño. While the first one is perfect for starter surfers, the other two are often frequented by experienced surfers. There are options for everybody.

In the province of Pontevedra it is impossible not to mention the Beach of A Lanzada. Here, as in Pantin, surfing championships are usually celebrated, but at a more local level. It is, also, a perfect beach for beginners in the world of surfing, and one of the peculiarities that makes this beach more beautiful is that, during the winter season, there are usually dolphins swimming very close to the coast, which is not uncommon to see them next to the surfers enjoying the waves. It is a fascinating sight.

Finally, before ending our southern surf tour, we stop at Patos Beach, in Nigrán, practically next to Vigo. Surfers from all corners come to this beach in late summer and winter, as it is in these times when the winds favour the practice of this sport. In addition, this beach is special, since from it you can get extraordinary views of the Cíes Islands.

Are you sure you do not want to try?


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