Autumn in O Courel

If there is a beautiful moment to enjoy the forests, the parks and the walks, that is the autumn. Perhaps for that reason, and united to the fact that it is a land in which the vegetation abounds, Galicia becomes a paradise full of idyllic landscapes.

One of them is located to the south of the province of Lugo, and in it can be found trees of the most varied typology and of the most varied antiquity. We are talking about O Courel, a place whose beauty becomes more evident with the arrival of autumn.

The mere fact of walking the roads of this area and look at the steep slopes of the mountain under our feet is impressive, but in autumn, moreover, the golden colour mantle that covers everything makes us enjoy some spectacular views, like in a film.

And if we make the tour on foot, it is easy to meet the mushrooms and chestnuts so typical of this time filling the soil with wealth. So much so that, every year, there are numerous fans of mycology and traders who come to O Courel to get these products. Products that, in addition, in Galicia, have a formidable quality due to the climatological conditions and the terrain offered by the community.

If you are a hiking enthusiast, you will also find here several routes that will help you to know more about the flora and fauna of this area, as well as discover the charming little villages that hide behind the leafy forests. There are endless roads that run through this mountain range and, among them, old dryers of chestnuts, blacksmiths and other elements that show us how we lived and how we worked here years ago. Even the Romans came here during the Middle Ages to do excavations in search of gold.

You can not leave here either without taking a tour of the different streams that end in beautiful waterfalls in the interior of O Courel, as the Waterfall of Vieiros. Caves and castros, such as Castro da Torre or Castro de Vilar, a cultural heritage of immense value, are also not to be missed.

This fall, if you have the opportunity to visit this area, do not miss it. Only when you get there will you understand why it is a gem of nature and why everyone who goes once has the need to return.


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