Holidays with your pet in Galicia

Do you want to come to Galicia on vacation with your dog but you have doubts about whether you can take it to the beach?

Let’s solve all your fears.

 Although most of the beaches do not admit animals from May to September, more and more municipalities are joining this initiative to allow animals to enter some of their beaches. Currently on the Galician coasts there are 10 beaches that allow dogs to access.


If your holiday destination is in the province of Pontevedra, there are 5 municipalities where your dogs can swim with you at sea.

 In O Grove we can go to the beach of O Espiño and O Portiño. Located next to each other, they are next to the Puerto Deportivo de Pedras Negras, in San Vicente do Mar. These are quiet beaches with little waves where you can spend an ideal day with your pet.

Also in the Rías Baixas you will find the beach of O Castelete, in Vilagarcía de Arousa. After many years being visited by bathers with pets, the town council decided to officially allow the access of animals, and as it is close to the road, they installed wooden fences to prevent them from escaping to the street. It also has bins to deposit your pet’s excrement.

In Cangas you can also enjoy a fun day with your pet. On the beach of A Cunchiña, in front of the former Massó canner, access with dogs is allowed. 

The Cesantes canine beach is a fantastic place to enjoy this vacation. Located in the municipality of Redondela, it has a length of about 150 meters.

Vigo has two canine beaches. A Foz, next to the mouth of the river Lagares, and Calzoa, located next to it. With a fairly large surface, dogs can run at ease and take a good dip.


In the province of Lugo there is a petfriendly town hall. Barreiros allows access to our canine friends to the beach of Punta Corveira. This beach, adjacent to the beach of Lóngara is rocky.


In A Pobra do Caramiñal, province of A Coruña, we can find the Arenal beach, which separates the seafront from the sea. This sandy beach, 1 km long, is known by locals as the shellfish beach. It is ideal to go with your dog to take a bath and then walk quietly around, since it is an urban beach.

And also in the province of A Coruña we can go to the beach of Ares, which for a few years has dedicated part of its urban beach to the dogs. With clear waters and fine sand, it is 1 km long where you can enjoy with your pet.





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