Gastronomic products from Galicia only found in Summer

Productos gallegos de verano

Galicia is undoubtedly a paradise for our senses. In addition to the beauty of its landscape and many other reasons, visitors who come every year are eager to taste Galician gastronomic products. We show you those products only to be found during summer. Don’t miss them!

Peppers of Herbón

Accompanying all kinds of fish, meat or seafood, or as a single tapa, any form is good to taste this delight. The Franciscan monks brought them from Mexico in the XVII century to plant them in their convent in Herbón, parish of the municipality of Padrón. The production of these peppers is covered by the Protected Designation of Origin Pemento de Herbón between the months of May and October. Therefore, the real ones are especially difficult to find outside of Galicia. Do not forget the popular saying, “some are hot, some are not” (“uns pican, e outros non”).

Arnoia peppers

The peppers of Arnoia are added to the list of wonders offered by the province of Ourense. Between June the 1st and October the 15th the commercialization of these peppers takes place, unless there are adverse weather conditions. These are the months of glory for those who love Arnoia peppers, as this is a product with the highest quality. More than 20 square kilometres of crops are protected by the Protected Geographical Indication. Its intense green colour and meaty consistency make it a unique and delicious product. If you have not tried them yet, we know you won’t be able to resist them.


The xoubas, as they are called in the south of Galicia, or parrochas, in the north, are small sardines, but not so small, since the minimum size allowed for the sardine is 11 centimetres. We do not know with certainty the etymological origin of these two names, what we do know is that they are delicious. Between the months of June and August, they can be found in their greatest splendour, monopolizing the terraces when the first rays of the sun begin to emerge. The best known of our land are the xoubasof Rianxo, to which they pay homage at the end of July with the Festa da Xouba.

Productos gallegos de verano


Do not let the summer end without first tasting this gastronomic delicacy. O Rosal became the origin of this golden treasure when it was brought from the Black Forest decades ago. Its uniqueness is due to the difficulty of finding them outside of this geographical area and beyond its limited seasonality, which is July and part of August. So, organize a trip to Galicia and do not miss them out!

Mirabeles, productos gallegos


In Galicia, mackerels are known as chinchos when they are still small. As with the xoubas, mackerel also has a minimum size allowed and is 15 centimetres. You can have them fried or pickled, in any way they are delicious. Longline mackarel are known to be tastier because this method of fishing allows them to be trapped separately, thus preventing them from being crushed with each other. Take them together with the Herbón peppers, they will become your favourite summer combination.

Productos gallegos de verano

We assure you that Galicia is a land of unique flavours, but we want you to come and see for yourself. The Galician summer awaits you!


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