Galicia, paradise of climbing

Are you one of those who are waiting for the good weather to organize a climbing trip?

Read carefully, here we show you a new paradise for those who love this sport. Throughout the Galician geography there are numerous points where you can enjoy your climbing shoes as well as discover incredible natural landscapes and contemplate spectacular views.

Over time, the Galician community has been gaining followers who move here to practice sport climbing.

This week we will focus on the province of Pontevedra, that is the one that has more climbing schools. Here are some good examples:


Faro Budiño – O Porriño

The best time to climb here is spring and autumn, but during the winter you can also go climbing because the rock dries quickly as soon as the sun rises.

The type of climbing that is practiced here is the “adhesion climbing”, and a lot of balance is necessary.

This place is characterized by huge rocks that emerge from the subsoil, possibly formed by magma that cooled when rising to the surface and created this impressive place.

The fact that a mountain is called Faro is common in Galicia, because its orography is used as a reference point for walkers.


MonteFerro –  Nigrán

This place, formed by small granite cliffs near the Nigrán Lighthouse, has 46 well-equipped roads with a height between 10 and 14 meters.

In addition to climbing we can also enjoy fantastic views of the entrance of the Ria de Baiona, Illas Estelas and Illas Cíes.


Monte Galiñeiro – Gondomar

This school is formed by blocks of low height in which the difficulty is concentrated in a few meters. With more than 120 routes distributed among 20 sectors with different degrees of difficulty, you can, in addition to using your climbing shoes, enjoy this natural viewpoint, which allows you to see Vigo, Val Miñor, Val do Louro and even the Atlantic Ocean .


Hío (Donón) – Cangas

The Facho de Donón is a unique place on the Galician coast since it concentrates many heritage and landscape values. If we add that is one of the places for climbing that we have in Galicia, we find the perfect combination.

In Hío we find a vertical or slightly flattened climbing on plates and some fissure of about 20 meters in length.

The fact of climbing on a cliff overlooking the sea makes it a special place to visit.


Santa María de Oia – Oia

This sports area has almost 120 tracks, distributed in collapses and vertical granite plates that reach 20 meters in height. In addition you will enjoy the views of the well-known Costa de la Luz.


Monte Trega – A Guarda

Next to the Miño is Mount Tegra, almost on the border with Portugal, and from here you can see a 360º panoramic view of the river Miño and the raging Atlantic Ocean. Also on its slopes you will find one of the most emblematic castreños villages of Galicia, the Castro de Santa Trega.

In this sector, easy routes with technical steps predominate, with good equipment and heights that can reach 20 meters.


Segad – Caldas de Reis

In Caldas de Reis we find good quality granite for the practice of this sport. The school consists of 22 routes of equipment and 10 new routes, recently placed.

Due to its orientation it is advisable to avoid the central hours of the day in summer. But if it is very hot you can enjoy a swim in the pools adjacent to the climbing area.

It is a quiet, tree-lined space where you can enjoy nature while practicing your favorite sport.


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