Galicia from the air

If it surprises us already at ground level, there is no doubt that at a few metres above sea level, Galicia gains in spectacularity. In different points of the community some companies propose to fly over the most beautiful landscapes of our geography. If you dare, these are some of the places you can see from the air:

The Illa de San Simón from Monte Xaxán

Of course, the start of this flight is not on the island. The starting point is Mount Xaxán, with direct views of the entire Vigo estuary and, of course, the cove and the Illa de San Simón. If you are looking for strong emotions, do it in a place so safe that you love it.

Maceda-Allariz from Alto do Rodicio

Very close to the city of Ourense, in the municipality of Maceda, specifically from Alto do Rodicio, another high altitude trip is proposed. Thanks to the experience of professionals, it is possible to fly over a mountain landscape that seems to never end. Have you thought about knowing the area from this perspective?

The Mariña Lucense from Monte Comado

In this case, from Monte Comado, in the Lugo municipality of Barreiros, we flew surrounded by a spectacular panoramic view of the coast in the background. From here we take off at an altitude of 450 metres to enjoy the wonders of the area. We propose, among other things, to admire the beach of Arealonga in Reinante (Barreiros) or to try to guess where the border between Galicia and Asturias is.

The beach of Doniños from Monte Ventoso

From the viewpoint of Monte Ventoso in Ferrol (A Coruña), next to the old Meteorological Observatory of the Navy, in addition to observing the grandeur of the ocean, today it is possible to fly towards it thanks to a tandem paraglider. On the trip we will be able to see the beach and the lake of Doniños and even the sandy beach of Punta Penencia. Maybe you can see a surfer who greets you from the sea!

The Valley of O Viveiró from Serra do Xistral

One of the peaks of the Serra do Xistral is the starting point to start the flight over the valley of O Viveiró. Next to herds of wild horses that graze quietly, the paragliding sails are raised to undertake a beautiful flight over the wide slopes of this area of the Terra Chá lucense.

Views of the sea from Santa María de Oia

Just 10 kilometres from Vigo, in Santa María de Oia, you can fly over the coast of the municipality while the waves of the sea break against the coast. If you are a lover of the Atlantic breeze, this plan has no drawbacks for you.

San Andrés de Teixido from Vixía Herbeira

Finally, do you know the saying ‘A San Andrés de Teixido se non vas de morto, vas de vivo’ Perhaps a good way to feel a little more alive is to fly over the slopes of Vixía Herbeira (Cedeira, A Coruña). Although this is a flight suitable only for the most experienced paragliders, we could not fail to name this spectacle of nature.

Now, having decided on the plan, it is essential that you look for information on those companies that propose this type of activity. Some offer both courses to learn to fly and one-day experiences aboard a two-seater, you choose.

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