What to do in Galicia from 13 May to 21 May

This week the Día das Letras Galegas is celebrated and, in different places of the community, numerous events will take place. You can consult them in our cultural agenda. In addition to the activities of the Letras, below we will delve into some of the festivities that are celebrated this week.


Romaría Etnográfica Raigame de Vilanova dos Infantes

17 May – Celanova

On May 17, coinciding with the Día das Letras Galegas, the Romaría Etnográfica Raigame is held in Vilanova dos Infantes.

The craftsmen offer their products to the visitor and show their trade in the medieval town. Meanwhile, there is a wide range of activities that exalt traditions, music and dance, as well as traditional trades, puppets and popular games, among others.

The gastronomic diversity in the streets is united with the craft workshops in the ground floor of the houses. Visitors can observe how a sickle is made, how a cloth is woven, etc.

Musical performances, activities for young people to learn their grandparents’ games or sung games are a fundamental part of this party. Come and have fun!


Festa da troita

From 18 May to 19 May – Ponte Caldelas

This popular gastronomic festival has been celebrated in Ponte Caldelas since 1967, extolling the influx of trout in the river Verdugo. All Galician fishing societies are invited to participate in the competition that takes place on the river promenade, between the river beach of A Calzada and the town and which attracts so many people.

The competition is followed by a gastronomic tasting that offers the attendees the different culinary specialities where the trout is the protagonist. In addition, there will also be other specialties of the area such as lamb or hunting.

On Sunday the party continues. The prizes of the fishing competition are awarded and a banquet is held in the old spa of Ponte Caldelas.


Festa do salmón

19 May – A Estrada

On the verge of celebrating its 40th anniversary, the Festa do Salmón de A Estrada is one of the most important gastronomic events in the town. This fish is a raw material of great importance in the local cuisine and with it, restaurateurs innovate and seduce lovers of this dish every year. In empanada, pizza, stew… all these preparations and more will be responsible for delighting those who are encouraged to approach the popular tasting of this festival.

In addition to gastronomy, the programme of the festival includes activities such as concerts by musical bands, theatrical performances, performances by folkloric groups and exhibitions.

Enjoy the week of the Letras Galegas in the best of ways. Enjoy Galicia!

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