Walking among vineyards in Galicia

The vine and the wine are part of the historic, cultural and also landscape identity of Galicia, making the wine sector a key-stone of the Galician food complex, which is fundamentally organized around the five designations of origin that exist: Monterrei, Rías Baixas, Ribeira Sacra, Ribeiro and Valdeorras. Albariño, Godello, Mencía, Treixadura… are varieties of grapes that follow one another along the territories. Flavours with designation of origin, modern wines with great personality, suitable for every palate and for any occasion. We invite you to discover the suggestive landscapes of the viticulture of Galicia, the magic of a territory wrapped up in fragrances and colors that change with each season, to visit century old wineries and other forefront ones, to stay in cosy rural establishments, to taste the gastronomy of each area combined with the best wines…..close your eyes, dream with Galicia, we invite you to walk among vineyards.

Operational Programme: Cross-Border Cooperation Spain-Portugal

The project “The Wine Routes of the Euro-region Galicia-Northern Portugal” is co-funded by FEDER (European Fund for Regional Development) through the Operational Programme of Cross Border Cooperation between Portugal and Spain. The project aim is to create, train and promote the “Wine Routes of the Euro-region Galicia-Northern Portugal” as a means of public-private cooperation improving the competitiveness of the wine industry and the development of wine tourism, as well as enhancing the cultural identity of the Euro-region.

A wine route is “a tourism product organized around the main theme of wine and located in a specific area identified with a wine appellation of origin (DO). The routes include enological, cultural and picturesque features of interest, among which may be found, in addition to wineries, other establishments that provide catering services, accommodation, education and entertainment and leisure, meeting the relevant requirements connected to that route.” Therefore, it is the SMEs that are the ultimate beneficiaries of the project.

Actions will be structured around four activities:

– Diagnosis and design of the product and the brand *Wine Route*, which includes two actions: the establishment of a market study on wine tourism and the development of the product manual Wine Routes.
– Creation and / or consolidation of structures for public-private cooperation: forming a management unit in each route, as well as a steering committee of the Euro-region routes.
– Instruction and product development, organizing training courses for technical staff of the management units and seminars in each of the DO regions aimed at wineries, other SMEs and local authorities attached to each route.
– Tools, promotion and internationalisation: brand promotion, website, promotional activities, signage and joint assistance of national and international fairs.

The geographical area of intervention is that corresponding to the municipalities included in the five Galician Guarantee of Origin (Rias Baixas, Ribeiro, Ribeira Sacra, Monterrei, and Valdeorras) along with the Guarantee of Origin Vinho Verde in Northern Portugal, participating wine territories that have recently, formed their managing body (Rias Baixas, Ribeiro, the Vinho Verde), with varying degrees of consolidation, with others who aim have formed during the project phase.

The project is expected to improve the competitiveness of wine as a strategic resource of the Galician and Northern Portuguese economies, to improve public-private cooperation, the internationalization of SMEs, increase wine tourism, and contribute to the diversification of rural areas.

Project members
Boss field: Axencia Galega de Desenvolvemento Rural (Galicia)

Partner: Turgalicia (Galicia)

Partner: Concello de Ribadavia (Galicia)

Partner: Comisión de Viticultura de Regiao dos Vinhos Verdes (Portugal)

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