Easter, Viveiro (Lugo)

Semana Santa, Viveiro (Lugo)
Easter, Viveiro (Lugo)

A borough that looks out onto the Cantabrian Sea, typical of those to be found in Lugo’s Mariña Central area, surrounded by countryside that also witnesses the traditional “Rapa das Bestas”. Naseiro Valley, the River Landro are also the sites for some of Galicia’s most traditional “romerías”. The landscape is characterised by thickly wooded areas and large beaches. This town, founded in the 13th century, was the site chosen by the Franciscan monks for their monasteries and a series of events depicting the life and passion of Christ, as well as for the traditional “cruceiros” (stone crosses) and the “Viacrucis” (the Way of the Cross). Articulated images portray the various “seasons”, such as the station where Jesus meets his Mother, accompanied by the “sermon”.

Silence weighs heavily in the atmosphere, broken only by the beating of a drum, as the “ro make their way through the narrow streets by candlelight…accompanied by the slow march of the penitents. Reason enough to walk along the cobbled streets of this town, some of which still preserve the town wall gates, and whose seaport was of considerable importance throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

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