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Vino Galicia

The wine producer, the natural host. The wine merchants of Galicia open their doors and show how they make the wine, even inviting you to taste it. You will discover from the small family winery in which you will be served your wine in the traditional cunca —clay bowl—, to the large wine vault with its manor house at the foot of the vineyards, where vines and garden are one. Go on a guided tour of the winery and vine- yards; take part in a tasting with experts, and return home with a bottle of fine wine and a memorable, heart-warming experience.

Scenery with its own flavour. Albariño or Alvarinho, Godello, Mencía, Treixadura… grape varieties from the individual ter- ritories, steeped in tradition but with that all important touch of innovation. Flavours with Denominación de Origen —Denomination of Origin— which mark the differences between Galician wines. Young, fresh, modern wines to be tried in our enotecas, “bares de viños” —wine bars— and restaurants; wines for all palates and all occasions. The sec- ular isolation of each region, the requirements of each microclimate and the strong personality of each territory, translated for you into flavours and a delightful holiday for the palate.

Rooms with a view. Open the window of a country manor and discover in the arbours autumnal leaves changing colour; witness the whitewashed vineyard of winter; take breakfast lost in vistas of sea or valley floor. These sensa- tions merged with the kindness and hospitality of our hosts. Monument Hotels, Paradores —state-run hotels—, rural villages and charming houses have all come together to offer their services in this guide. Also secular architectures and avant-garde buildings which will bring unforget- table memories.

Bread and Wine. Galician gastronomy is recognized as having a strong personality. Wine will preside at your meals and dinners, be they at table or snacks, in which recipes of the grandparents are alternated with contemporary offerings which add new flavours to traditional gastronomy. On the coast you could try “Peixe de Ría” —Fish from the Ría— and shellfish, octopus pie or xoubiñas —pilchards— accom- panied by the acclaimed Padrón peppers, or even a hearty stew or boiled ham with greens if you travel inland in the winter. An impressive range of seasonal products to try in our restaurants and “bares de viños” —wine bars—, or to buy in our shops to take with you.

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