Patways for discovering a country

Senderismo Galicia
Pathways in Galicia

For centuries, the walkers have been shaping the history of this humanized geography in the west of Europe. The Camino de Santiago pilgrims’ route opened a door to mutual knowledge between this green land and the rest of the world. A route that has lasted to the present day as the First European Itinerary and splendid World Heritage.

But Galicia has much more to offer and its characteristic hilly landscape is an invitation to discover all of its natural and historical facets from the tranquil, relaxed view of a walker.

Trekking has recuperated old roads brimming with history, where visitors can discover the marks of a past, not so remote, when roadways and medieval bridges, cruceiros (stone crosses) and petos de ánimas (shrines) defined the character of the people.

When trekkers advance along the stony roads throug the banks of any of Galicia’s countless rivers, they can imagine people in their carts between narrow stone walls, taking livestock, wine and other produce from one village to another, muleteers buying and selling, fairgoers, pilgrims of bygone days and all the rural population that used these local roads to travel from one village to another.

Nowadays, the bustle of people has been silenced and the roads have recovered the wild sound of nature. Walkers, with no fear of getting lost, enter a slow, pleasing dimension of sports and cultural tourism. The changing landscapes, the uncertain rock carvings, the wonderful rias, the impressive monasteries, the magnificent pazos (mansions), castles, stone bridges and, above all, Galicia’s green, varied wildlife never fails to surprise both locals and visitors alike.

In this territory of valleys and mountains, you will discover “a little land as big as you want: Galicia.”

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