The south of Galicia from the A Siradella viewpoint

A Siradella is the highest point in the municipality of O Grove. It is, therefore, the ideal place to do an experiment: clinging to the balcony, next to the stone mass that characterizes it, let’s take a tour to enjoy the panorama. It will be worth it, since from here you can see a good portion of the south of Galicia, with the estuaries and beaches that each summer attract more travellers.

Getting to the viewpoint is easy, because its rocks constantly dominate the landscape of the O Grove peninsula. If you go by car from the municipal capital you have to drive toward San Vicente do Mar by EP 901 and, just after the end of O Grove, turn left on a narrow but well signposted road. A Siradella is not a high mountain (it does not reach 200 meters altitude), but its location, as a privileged promontory, will make you better understand how the landscape of these latitudes of Galicia is made up.

From the main viewpoint, the view travels immediately to the south, to the long stretch of sand that connects O Grove with the rest of the continent. To the right of this wide isthmus is the beach of A Lanzada, one of the widest and most beautiful beaches in Galicia and a favourite destination every summer for thousands of sun and sea lovers. The sandy area has a great advantage: with more than two kilometres of extension, as crowded as it might get, you will always find a wide spot to enjoy the afternoon on the beach. From the top of A Siradella focus first on the main parking lot of A Lanzada, perpendicular to the sand bar. It is a straight line that, although it seems incredible, was the beginning of an airport project that was never completed. It was built in 1952 as part of a work that was finally dismissed.

Looking a little upwards, also to the right of the isthmus, you can see the Island of Ons, part of the National Park of the Atlantic Islands, and even beyond that the silhouette of the Cies and the land entrances of O Morrazo and the Costa da Vela, which separate the estuaries of Pontevedra and Vigo.

Turn your eyes now to the left side of the Isthmus of A Lanzada. What you see is the intertidal Umia-OGrove complex, formed by the mouth of the river, in Cambados. It is an area in which the depth of the sea is not much and in which the water is renewed little by little, resulting in the ideal resting place of thousands of birds. If you focus your eyes, you may be able to find the chimney of one of the numerous telleiras (brick and tile factories) that existed in this area for years. Some have been recovered to show how they used to work in their time of splendour.

Leaving the main viewpoint of A Siradella and climbing a little further, above the parking lot, you can turn your eyes towards the ocean and the estuaries farther north. From here you can see, to the west, the immensity of the Atlantic and, further to the right, the coastline of Arousa.

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