The best beaches in Galicia?

The sun and the waves are the protagonists of the coastal environments and, with the arrival of the heat, many want to visit the wonders they offer. In Galicia you can find countless beaches where you can enjoy the summer, although it is not easy to decide on one. There are many publications from beyond our borders that have felt the attraction of these beaches and have drawn up their own rankings with those most recommended. Below we show you the beaches that are most repeated in the lists prepared by publications such as National Geographic, Elle, Cónde Nast Traveler, Skyscanner, Mujer Hoy, El Economista and Telva, among others.


Praia de Rodas

The beach par excellence of the Cíes Islands (Vigo) always appears in all the rankings on the best sands of Galicia. No wonder: its white sand and crystal-clear waters make it the largest natural paradise in the archipelago. With more than one kilometer long and 60 meters wide, it was designated as the best beach in the world by the British newspaper The Guardian in 2007. It is one of the most visited places in the community, as it attracts thousands of tourists every year who want to enjoy natural wonders like this, although being located in the heart of the National Park das Illas Atlánticas de Galicia daily visits are limited and it is advisable to book in advance.


As Catedrais Beach

As Catedrais beach, located in the municipality of Ribadeo in Lugo, is also one of the main players in all the rankings. Its main attraction are the rock arches that the Cantabrian Sea has sculpted over the years, some of which exceed 30 formations from close by as they descend into the sand and pass underneath them. Perhaps it is not the best beach to spend the day sunbathing, but it is one of the ones that can surprise you the most because of its natural charm and its impressive landscapes. There is also a limit to the number of visits per day and reservations are required.


Beach of A Lanzada

It is one of the most famous in Galicia. The beach of A Lanzada has an extension of 2 and a half kilometres, white sand and a situation in the open sea that is ideal for the lovers of water sports. It belongs to the municipalities of O Grove and Sanxenxo and is a must for all those who come to the Rías Baixas. Blue Flag, year after year, A Lanzada is located in an incomparable natural environment, in which a dune area stands out, which is currently protected and has a rich historical and archaeological heritage in its surroundings.



Doniños Beach

Perhaps the best known in Ferrol, Doniños beach is almost 2 kilometres long and has also been awarded the Blue Flag. It is characterized by its golden sand and a strong swell so it is a must for many surfers. It has all the necessary services to spend a day with the family. Its easy access makes it a sandy area with a high occupancy rate in the summer season.


Carnota Beach

This immense 7-kilometre-long sandy area is of great tourist and environmental interest. With an exemplary state of conservation, it constitutes a spectacular group of dunes and marshes in which the fauna and flora abound. Carnota beach is ideal for bird lovers, as it serves as a refuge for many species and stands out for its variety of ecosystems. Because of these characteristics and its unparalleled beauty, it is also considered one of the best in Galicia.


Covas Beach

In Viveiro you can find Covas beach, the best known beach in this municipality of Lugo. It is a beach with high occupation in summer season and perfect for shelter from the wind, as it provides the privacy that many tourists seek. Its calm waters invite swimmers to take a dip and, in addition, it is equipped with facilities and services to enjoy with the family. From its western part, Os Castrelos, some rocks that are witness to some historical shipwrecks, may be observed.


Riazor Beach

One of the most outstanding urban beaches in Galicia is Riazor, located in the city of A Coruña. Awarded the Blue Flag, it is a very central and quite busy beach in high season. It has all the services and facilities needed to spend the day, as well as being within walking distance of the city’s promenade. It is one of the best known in Galicia and can be reached on foot or by public transport.


As Furnas Beach

Located at the entrance to the Ría de Noia, As Furnas beach is also one of the most attractive beaches in Galicia. This sandy area in the municipality of Porto do Son stands out for its channels and natural pools that have formed over the years due to wind erosion. It is a natural paradise where the winds and strong waves are always present, so it warns of the danger of its waters. Even so, it is worth coming here to enjoy the landscapes it has to offer.


Beach of O Vilar

O Vilar beach is located southwest of Ribeira and is one of the most famous beaches in that municipality of A Coruña. It is also the best known sandy area in the Natural Park of the Corrubedo Dunes and the Carregal and Vixán Lagoons. It is a perfect place to disconnect and enjoy nature, as it is far from civilization and in an environment marked by pines and dunes. This beach, with moderate waves and fine white sand, also has services such as benches with tables to eat and a restaurant. 


America Beach

The returned emigrants from America who built the first urbanization in its vicinity are responsible for the current name of this popular Nigrán beach, formerly known as Area Loura because of its golden color. With more than a kilometer long, it is very appreciated by swimmers for being protected from the waves, but also by those who want to enjoy the panoramic view of all its surroundings. 


Beach of Area Maior

At the foot of the promontory of Monte Louro, where the coastline already points towards the Costa da Morte from the south, the beach of Area Mayor, in Louro-Muros is one of the most spectacular in Galicia, both for its location facing the Ocean and for its surroundings where the As Xalfas Lagoon is located, an extraordinary place for birdwatching. This sandy area is followed to the north by O Ancoradoiro and Lariño, the latter shared with the municipality of Carnota and as spectacular as the Area Maior itself, which means that on a coastline of barely five kilometres we find two of the best beaches on the Galician coast.


Beach of Arealonga (Porto do Son)

Located next to the famous settlement of Castro de Baroña, the name by which it is also known, Arealonga beach is an ideal place if you like history and spending time by the sea. It is a sandy area that attracts attention because of its fine sand and big waves. Its strong currents and the descent that takes place when entering the water make it advisable to know how to swim well and take precautions when taking a dip. 


Razo Beach

In Carballo you will find Razo Beach, a wide sandy area that is part of the Razo-Baldaio protected natural area. Its environment has a great wealth of fauna and a diversity of flora, as you can see different ecosystems and even observe in the area of the cliffs the strata of the fossil beach that already existed in the same place thousands of years ago. It is a perfect space to rest, be in contact with nature and practice sports such as surfing.


Arealonga Beach (O Vicedo)

Arealonga Beach is perfect for sheltering from the wind, as it is a warm and quiet beach, ideal for spending the day with the family. With a length of 1,300 metres, it stands out for its fine sand and the views it offers of the whole estuary. In addition, it has a green environment that surrounds it and a promenade area that connects the beach with the mouth of the Sor river. As it is near the village it is very easy to access all the services on foot. 


As you can see, Galicia offers us multiple options to enjoy the coast and, despite the fact that the beaches mentioned are some of the most cited in the rankings, there are plenty of incredible sands that we invite you to discover so that you can add them to this list. So, for you, what would be the ideal ranking?



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