Spa and Northern Route Train

Train travel is definitely one of the best ways to wander across a destination and Galicia is no different. A sure bet for budget and eco-conscious travelers, its benefits are well-known by everyone and go beyond its old-fashioned charm, door to door convenience and scenic rides, bringing a whole new level of comfort and relax to moving from place to place.

Luckily for all the Galicia lovers out there, in our region we have a number of tourist trains that integrate culture, nature, history and unique experiences that can only be enjoyed in our land.

Last weekend we had a chance of joining the Spa and Northern Route Trail train route that departs a few times this Fall from Coruña’s railway station. With three key stops and six different highlights, here is a round-up of what you too can experience if you give it a go.

1.A pleasant early morning train ridefrom Coruña to Guitiriz, Guitiriz to Lugo before lunch and back from Lugo to Coruña on time for dinner with bus transfers to the main interesting points in between and the service of a knowledgeable expert guide during the day.

2.An hour and a half at The Guitiriz Hotel Balneario and Golf Club, whose waters are said to have curative properties and that is surrounded by a gorgeous forest.

Ruta Termal e do cami+¦o do Norte - A World to Travel (2 de 13)-1

3.A short guided visit to Santo Alberte Chapel in Guitiriz, a Gothic style masonry church that dates back from the 13th century.

4.A 2km hiking route along one of the last stages of the North St. James Waybetween Baamonde and Sobrado dos Monxes through a dirt path and surrounded by all the stunning nature that characterizes Galicia.

5.An introduction to the city of Lugothat includes visits to its cathedral, historic old town and iconic squares on top of two newly opened museums that will help visitors understand the Roman past of Lucus Augusta and how it was developed from a Roman camp site of the 6th Legion around two thousand years ago. Those are:
– The City Walls Interpretive Centre
– The House of Mosaics

6.A farewell walk on the well-preserved Lugo’s Unesco World Heritage Roman wallsbefore sunset.

Ruta Termal e do cami+¦o do Norte - A World to Travel (5 de 13)

With such an array of different experiences, presented in a comfortable package, surely you will set on another Summer train expedition soon. At the moment, there are about ten of them, enjoy!




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