Sleeping in the treetops in Galicia

If you are planning your next getaway and looking for an alternative to the rural houses or traditional hotels, we bring you an option that you will love: cottages in the middle of the forest. Accommodations that offer all the tranquility of the rural environment. Those who have tried it, have been wanting to return.


You may wonder, what are these little houses? Well, there are several types. The most original ones are suspended in the air to mix between the treetops and rest on a wooden structure that has a staircase to access the interior. Others have a lower height or even rest on the forest floor. These constructions are designed in such a way that they integrate into nature, respecting the trees and the vegetation that surrounds them. Most are made of wood and some take advantage of recycled thermal containers that are covered with wood as well.


We can find this type of accommodation in the southeast of the province of A Coruña, specifically in the Serra de Outes, in Mourelos and in Mirans-Araño.


As for the interior of the facilities, they include everything necessary and more. Kitchen, fireplace, latex mattresses, wifi … you can even have a hot tub, television and terrace with views. As you can see, these cabins have all the amenities to disconnect and enjoy the most of the getaway.


Prices range from 100-140 euros per night in low season, and between 120-160 euros per night in high season, depending on the type and location.


It is the perfect plan to make a romantic getaway with your partner, or to go with family and bring the kids to the rural environment, they will love it! You can enjoy nature, gastronomy and depending on which you choose, you can also enjoy the river or the sea. In addition, the stay can be accompanied by different leisure activities: hiking, bungee jumping, horseback riding, zip wire, canyoning, rafting, kayaking … endless possibilities that will make your experience unforgettable. The stay also allows you to contemplate the native fauna and discover little-known species. A privilege for lovers of nature, and Galicia.


Forget the stressful routine, come and enjoy the tranquility of nature and let yourself fall in love with the cozy atmosphere of the forest houses.

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