Natural pools, a unique proposal to bathe in summer

Beaches and swimming pools are the most common places to swim when it is too hot, but Galicia also offers other spaces full of natural charm where you can seek refuge and refreshment. A few natural pools formed by rivers and springs dot the community becoming an important claim for those looking for a place to take the most original bath. Here we show you some of these unique places.


Pedras River. A Pobra do Caramiñal.

The natural pools of the Pedras River have become one of the main attractions of the municipality of A Pobra do Caramiñal in A Coruña and currently congregate a growing number of swimmers. To get there you have to take a long walk, but the reward of the bath and the beauty of the landscape are well worth the effort.


Pozas of Mougás and Loureza. Oia

There are two points that the Pontevedra municipality of Oia offers for swimming without having to stain the feet of sand: the pools of Mougás, in the channel of the Peito river, and those of Loureza, formed by the Tamuxe river. Both have beautiful waterfalls nearby.

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Augacaída. Pantón

The spectacular waterfall of Augacaída, in Pantón, not only offers beautiful hiking trails in its surroundings and vestiges of the past such as Castro de Marce, but also forms a large natural pool at the bottom.

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Pozas de Melón

On its way through the municipality of Melón, the Cerves river draws waterfalls and several pools (the most famous is that of As Mestas) that invite you to swim. A hiking trail gives access to a place where you can see spectacular vegetation.


Pozo de Corme. Ponteceso

The same waters and rocks in which the precious barnacles of O Roncudo grow, shape the Pozo de Corme. It is a natural pool located above the sea and with limited access. You can only reach it at low tide and calm sea.


Poza da Moura. Moaña

The Miñouba River not only has old mills to show the visitor. In its upper part you can find the pool and the waterfall da Moura, a good place to take a dip and enjoy the views of the Vigo estuary.


Fervenza do Cachón. Maside and Amoeiro

Besides marking the boundary between the municipalities of Maside and Amoeiro, the Barbantiño River draws a waterfall, known as do Cachón or do Barbantiño, that has several mills and a hiking trail nearby.


Pools of Nuveira. Mazaricos

One of the tributaries of the Xallas River gives to the people who go into the vicinity of the Santa Uxía reservoir a beautiful landscape of trees, stone, water and waterfalls.


Caldeiras do Castro. Muxía

A few kilometers before its mouth in the Lires estuary, the Castro River offers us a waterfall and several natural pools in Muxía. In its vicinity there is also a picnic area.

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A Barosa. Barro

Nature and ethnography concur in this beautiful area of ​​the Barosa River, in the municipality of Barro (Pontevedra). The visitors can cross a circular path of 4 kilometers, contemplate the cascade and the mills located in their edges and bathe in its waters.

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Access. Most of these places are located in natural spaces that are difficult to access by car. The best way to travel the last stretch is walking so that you can enjoy the landscape. Do not forget to bring suitable footwear and liquid to hydrate yourself.

Better in company. The combination of water and stone can cause accidents. Going accompanied helps prevent possible mishaps and obtain help if you need it.

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