Hikers resources in Galicia

Do you like hiking? Then Galicia is the place for you. Long, arduous routes or refreshing walks, by the river, near the sea, in the mountain… Here we recommend some resources to help you plan your excursions.

Turismo de Galicia website

It is the portal of reference for anyone wanting to explore the Galician wilderness. The Turismo de Galicia website has a great search engine which includes the community’s main routes. Its options range from the longer and more complicated trails, such as the different Santiago Ways, to easier tracks by the sea or alternative routes to get to know cities by walking through their rural peripheries. This search engine is especially useful because it provides geographical information for each option and, in addition, offers ideas on where to eat or sleep on each route’s surrounding area, or which monuments and nearby places to visit. The Sendegal app can be downloaded to your mobile through the Galician website and the IOS and Android app managers. In it  you will find all the certified trails in the autonomous community.

Regional or municipal association websites

Wide area associations have made great efforts in recent times to place value on their natural heritage and, within these programs, hiking has always been the star. Along with roads and services being refurbished, websites have been developed so that those who are interested in hiking can plan their excursions with great ease. One of these websites is, for example, Área Santiago, which compiles hiking routes of almost twenty municipalities around Santiago de Compostela, halfway between the provinces of A Coruña and Pontevedra, and among the Ulla and Tambre riverbeds. Another very good example O Salnés municipal association. Twenty routes, from long trails to short walks, are listed in this repository, with points of interest in municipalities along the Arousa and Pontevedra estuaries.

Municipal websites

Almost every Galician city council includes in its official website an area dedicated to tourism and, within it, it is rare not to find two or three hiking routes. In some cases you can download tracks to follow using a GPS device, and you can usually also download brochures and maps in PDF format. They are, in any case, a good gateway to local attractions.


The most popular hiking trails search engine offers literally hundreds of alternatives to hike across Galicia, following in the footsteps of other hikers who have previously recorded their routes on their GPS devices. Of course, we must bear in mind that these routes are directly uploaded by users, and are not necessarily verified or tested by expert hikers; that is to say, if the original hiker uploads a route onto the platform on which he got lost and does not leave a warning… whoever follows him will also get lost. It is advisable to always take routes already travelled by several people and, above all, download the most recent versions.

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