Galicia, a paradise for mountain biking

Galicia is a paradise for mountain biking. From leisurely rides along the riverside to challenging marathons, there are options for all types of cyclists in any month of the year.

A good way to learn of new routes and landscapes is signing up for one of the many cycling events that take place in the community throughout the year. With the sport’s great increase in popularity in recent times, it is a rare weekend when you cannot participate in an event, be it a competition or, more often, cycle tourism. They come in all types and durations, from those that gather small groups of participants organized by local clubs (such as the veteran Ruta do Salmón in A Estrada, Pico da Lebre in Foz, Faro de Budiño in O Porriño …) to big events with hundreds or even thousands of participants (as is the case with the Pontevedra 4 Picos, the Eurocidade Tui-Valença or the BTT Cidade de Ourense). Several websites can be found online with calendars, and the Galician Cycling Federation website highlights the most important ones each week.

The Galician BTT Centres, promoted by Turismo de Galicia, are also ideal for getting to know the different Galician landscapes. These centres are service points for athletes that make their experience easier, with routes marked with easily understood symbol and classified according to their difficulty level. There are currently several hundred kilometres of of this type of routes. These Centres also have a reception point with services for bicycles and cyclists, and even offer the possibility of renting bicycles if desired.

At present there are four Galician BTT Centres in operation. The Ribeira Sacra one lets cyclists cover this magical territory between the rivers Sil and Miño, allowing them to see gems from Romanesque or the wild nature of the Mao river, and combining sport practice with the excellent gastronomy of the area. The Centre has two reception points, one in the Luíntra pavilion (Nogueira de Ramuín) and another in the Fábrica da Luz shelter in Parada de Sil.

The Serra do Xurés BTT Centre is located further south,  and is a starting point for routes that explore this border area between Galicia and Portugal. The reception points are located in the O Corgo sports-tourism complex (Mugueimes, Muíños) and in the Aviva Mountain Centre in Maus de Salas (Muíños). Also along the Portuguese border is the Portas de Galicia BTT Centre, with reception points in the Casa da Viúva in A Gudiña and in the Casa da Cultura in Viana do Bolo. This is a starting point for 244 kilometres of routes through the municipalities of A Gudiña, A Mezquita, Riós, Viana do Bolo and Vilariño de Conso.

Finally, in O Salnés stands one of the busiest BTT Centres, the first one to open. Its reception point is located in the Meis Golf Course, and its very popular routes allow you to enjoy the surroundings of the A Armenteira monastery and some unparalleled views between the mountains and the estuaries of Arousa and Pontevedra.

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