Galicia on your desktop

Galicia on your desktop
Galicia on your desktop

Galicia is known for its beautiful nature, pilgrims walking through Galicia on their way to Santiago de Compostela will know this. From the many photos in it’s archive, Turgalicia has created a few wallpapers from some of the beautiful views that you will find if you travel around this region. A wallpaper (on your computer) is the image you see as your background on the desktop.

If you are tired of the one you currently have installed, why not add one of these beautiful images to your desktop? 

The way you add these wallpapers to your computer is slightly different if you are on a Mac or PC, but it is easy to do.

Have a look at our selection of wallpapers here. Select your monitor seize (800×600 for small monitor, 1024×768 for “normal” and 1920×1200 for large monitor) and download it right now.

This way, you can enjoy Galicia, at least a little bit of it, every day.


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