Galicia, climbing paradise III

Today we offer you the third and final volume on sport climbing in Galicia.

This time we move to the province of A Coruña, where we can find 6 perfect spaces to practice your favorite sport.



In Pedra de Monte Meán there is the climbing area generally known as Mera, as it is the closest population to this point.

We are in a wild area where, if we look towards the Lighthouse of Mera, we can see the largest colmorant breeding colony of the peninsula.

It consists of about 20 tracks with a height of between 8 and 10 meters, made of granite stone different from the usual one we see on the coast.

The best time of the day to climb is when the tide is low, but you can also climb at high tide, as long as you are beware of the waves. 



Ten minutes from downtown Santiago we find this small granite school.
It is re-equipped with chemicals and maximized, and the sectors are all very close to the parking place. With good equipment, quality rock, and not very long but entertaining roads, it is the perfect place to climb surrounded by tranquility.

With 40 tracks and a maximum height of 16 meters, it is an area that knows few people, and so many times you will have the school just for you.



Mount Xalo is one of the highest peaks in the Coruña coastal area.

It has 75 tracks, up to 30 meters high

At more than 500 meters high is the Petón, a set of rocks in the shape of a balcony that consist of good equipment for climbing. There you will find about 20 tracks with a maximum height of 30 meters.

From this peak you can see an incredible panoramic view of the region, and the 3 municipalities to which this mountain belongs: Carral, Culleredo and Cerceda.



Near the Castro de Baroña, a Celtic settlement in which about 20 circular houses are preserved, we find a granite school of two micas in which you can observe how the waves beat hard and enjoy the surrounding landscapes.

This school is equipped with about 50 tracks up to 18 meters high, with vertical plates and walls and collapses. 



This climbing school is located in the Eume River canyon and is part of the southern slope of the Sierra de Forgoselo. It is formed by granite rock, and in it you can climb a maximum height of almost 300 meters in adhesion, with 10 lengths of between 20 and 28 meters each and meeting points equipped to rappel.

It consists of about 50 routes in which the average height is 25 meters.

The environment surrounding this dam is also fantastic for hiking.



This is a climbing area set in granite rock cliffs of excellent quality with tracks for all tastes and levels.

Currently there are more than 50 tracks reaching a maximum height of 30 meters.

It is one of the areas of sport climbing in Galicia with greater height, from which you can contemplate the Atlantic.


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