A Lanzada Beach, a wild paradise

If we talk about the best beaches in Galicia, the beach of A Lanzada inevitably comes to mind. Located between the towns of O Grove and Sanxenxo, it can boast of having been awarded the Blue Flag on numerous occasions, and many more merits.

It is one of the most emblematic Galician beaches thanks to the quality of its white and fine sand and the cleanliness of its crystalline waters. Its 2.4 kilometres in length make it one of the largest beaches in Galicia, behind the Frouxeira beach, Baldaio beach and the great beach known as the largest beach in Galicia, the beach of Carnota, which arrives to overcome the 7 kilometres in length.

The extension and the firm sand of the beach of the Lanzada configure the perfect place to walk. After a walk and a swim, you can sit in one of the beach bars that surround the beach and enjoy some pearls of Galician cuisine, such as Herbón peppers or xoubas. In addition, we recommend you to stop in the chapel and visit the architectural sites near the sandy area. This beach has as it all!

One of its charms is the wide area of ​​dunes that extends around the beach, separating it from the road. The dune ecosystem that surrounds the beach bears a very special attractiveness that must be cared for and respected so that the species that inhabit it do not feel threatened, and so that we can all continue to admire its beauty for a long, long time.

The paradise of A Lanzada is a privilege both for those who seek to relax in the sun and for lovers of water sports, especially for surfers. The conditions of the waves allow each year to choose this enclave to celebrate different surfing championships.

Legends around A Lanzada beach

Like many other things in Galicia, the beach of A Lanzada is not exempt from mystery, since there are several legends associated with it. One of the best known is the one that gives the waves of A Lanzada beneficial powers that help to conceive the sterile women. Legend has it that on nights like San Xoán, women who had the desire to have offspring, but could not, went to the sea and let the waves pass nine times over their bellies. And also according to the legend, the power of the ocean would attend and fulfill their requests …

The location of the beach away from any urban center recreates a paradisiacal atmosphere. Both in summer and winter, the beach of A Lanzada is a delight to behold. Do not hesitate to visit it, there is plenty of room in the parking lot!

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