A day in the Barosa River Nature Park

About 20 minutes from Pontevedra, in the municipality of Barro, is the Barosa River Nature Park. In spite of the beauty of its landscapes, it is a little known place that can be visited at any time of the year. However, summer is an ideal season to spend a day off to get away from it all. In fact, it is at this time that the volume of water brought by the river decreases, allowing one of the great attractions of the place, its waterfall, to become a space for bathing and enjoyment: the small pools that form serve as swimming pools for the little ones, while the stone slopes become improvised slides for the older ones. 


Nature and ethnography are combined in this park, making it a space in which to enjoy a day with the family, do some sport by hiking or join in with the group activities promoted by the town council and which require prior registration. Among them is a guided route through the area and a visit to the mills and bread workshop that survive in the area as a sign of the importance that the place had in the past. For the moments of rest and to regain strength, the visitors have a recreational area and two taperías in which it is convenient to book in advance because they are usually in great demand. 


The Barosa Mills Trail crosses the entire park along one of the riverbanks and goes back to the beginning along the other to visit 17 of these traditional constructions raised to take advantage of the strength of the water in the grinding of cereals such as oats, corn or wheat. It has a series of panels that serve to inform about the difficulty and duration of the journey and there is a plaque that indicates that the place was also the scene of some historical episode: in 1809 there was a confrontation during the War of Independence. Another strong point of the route is that it is suitable for people of all ages. It has bridges and benches to make the journey easier and to be able to contemplate the landscape that surrounds the margins of the river. The river descends through several waterfalls, saving a 60-meter difference in level, and the different mills appear on its banks.


In the lower part of the park there is a small lagoon and two wooden Canadian bridges that communicate both banks of the river. Its vegetation consists mainly of oaks and there are also other species such as pines, alders and willows. Getting to this natural and relaxing place does not present many complications and it is easy to find a parking space. From the N-550 road that runs between Pontevedra and Santiago de Compostela, at kilometre 104 there is a signpost that indicates the park in the town hall of Barro and after another half kilometre you will reach the car park. Moreover, for those who make the Camino de Santiago by the Portuguese Way is a very common destination because the route runs only a few meters from the park, parallel to the N-550. 


All this makes this place a beautiful destination for this summer where you can enjoy it with family and friends. For lovers of nature and landscapes with rivers this is the ideal place. However, its peace and tranquillity is capable of conquering anyone who approaches it.




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