6 parks to visit with the family this summer

Many times, when the weather is not good, we lack plans to carry out as a family and it is difficult to entertain the children. Luckily in Galicia we have several parks and gardens designed and thought for family entertainment, so today we recommend some of the most interesting:

Park of the senses. Marin

Located in the old Briz Farm, very close to the center of Marín, is this original park that, as its name suggests, is designed to be enjoyed with the five senses.

Figures carved in the trees, the noise of the water in waterfalls and ponds, games of skill for adults and children, and the smell of fruit trees and species that are grown throughout the farm, accompany us throughout the journey.

In addition, the park has a children’s area with large slides and climbing nets. Everything is designed to spend a good afternoon with the family.

Pasatempo Park. Betanzos

This curious park was inaugurated in 1914 and reflected the various trips around the world of its creator, D. Juan García Naveira. It was the first theme park in the world and it even appeared in the travel guides of the time. It was also very visited by pilgrims who traveled the English Way.

The park was designed to be divided into two parts: the Gardens, in the English romantic style, were the largest part, with long walks, sculptures and ponds. The new facilities are now located on it. On the other hand, the Pasatempo or Encyclopedic Park of Attractions, which is the area that is still preserved and is divided into five levels connected by artificial caves and gardens full of curious and imaginative objects.

The new area houses ponds, gardens and an open-air auditorium.

Undoubtedly a place worth visiting and that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Eirís Park. A Coruña

It occupies a huge area in the Coruña neighborhood of the same name.

The park is divided into different areas where we can have fun jumping down its long slides, the double zip line or going up a climbing net; strolling around the park and the pond or approaching the ruins of the Castle of Eirís and enjoying unbeatable views over the pier of A Coruña.

The park also has a children’s playground, an area for dogs and a large pergola to shelter from the sun

Nature Circuit of the Footbridge over the Mao River. Ribeira Sacra

It is not really a park, but this short route, just 1.8 km long and which runs through the trees in the heart of the Ribeira Sacra, can delight the little ones in the house.

Starting at an old hydroelectric power station (the La Fábrica de la Luz hostel), the walkway runs parallel to the Mao River until it flows into the Sil River, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful view over the river canyons.

In addition, at the Fábrica de la Luz they have the possibility of camping among the trees, quite an adventure!

Laberinto Costa Mariña Recreational Park. Rinlo

The main attraction of this park located in the Mariña Lucense is the labyrinth, with almost 4,000 meters, and which is one of the largest in Spain. After going through the labyrinth, you reach the central viewpoint from which you can appreciate the impressive structure and appreciate the views of the coast and mountains.

The park also has several play and entertainment areas.

A Canuda Park. Salvaterra de Miño

Finally, we can go to Salvaterra de Miño and enjoy the long walk that runs along the banks of the river Miño. We can walk or bike, as it has a bike path and bike rental. At the end we can rest while the children have fun in its huge playground or in the traffic education circuit (with traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, etc).

The park also has a small mini zoo and even a lake where you can take a boat ride. A perfect plan to spend a day with the family.

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