5 typical dishes from the province of Pontevedra

The gastronomy of the province of Pontevedra is closely linked to the consumption of products from the sea. In particular, some of the municipalities in this area are renowned for their culinary offerings and, of course, for celebrating regional festivals in honour of their products and specialities.

Arcade oysters

This town in Pontevedra is known for the quality of its oysters. An essential delicacy in any seafood that is prized, which in this locality takes on special relevance in the famous Festa da Ostra de Arcade that has been celebrated since 1987.

Thanks to the mastery of expert hands, the best thing is to try them freshly opened, served immediately, raw and with a dash of lemon. Do you dare to try them? Keep in mind that the month of April is the best time to taste it.

O Carril’s Clams

We continue with the selection of seafood that flood the Rías Baixas. If you’re in O Carril, in Vilagarcía de Arousa, you can’t leave without trying the clams bred in the sands of the area.

One of the most successful recipes among diners and lovers of this product is the specialty of clams “a la marinera”. Onions, garlic, flour, olive oil, fresh parsley and of course, a good Albariño, are the necessary ingredients to achieve an exceptional taste.

Oyster soup Lérez style

Although one of the most common ways of consuming this product is raw and with lemon, we must also highlight the extraordinary flavor that leaves us the recipe for oyster soup Lérez style.

A basic and simple broth that does not lose any of the gustatory qualities of this mollusk. The oysters are crushed to obtain a paste that is integrated into the water resulting from the cooking of the oysters themselves. The result is a spoon dish with a spectacular taste of the sea, which leaves no one indifferent.

Lobster with Chocolate by Picadillo

Although the traditional way to serve lobster in Galicia is generally cooked and accompanied with some kind of sauce or vinaigrette. Over time, some ingenious recipes emerged that even incorporated chocolate, partridge and hare into the main ingredient.

Specifically, we refer to the proposal of the Galician gourmet, writer and politician Manuel María Puga y Parga -also known as Picadillo- who was praised by Cunqueiro himself. The reference point in the community to taste this tasty crustacean in its different versions, is in the town of A Guarda, which every year celebrates the Festa da Langosta e da Cociña Mariñeira.

Llanderas Cake of Vigo

Dessert, in this case, is found in the city of Vigo. The Llanderas cake is a dessert created by a local baker in about the 1950s. A sweet with years of tradition that, as could not be otherwise, was the protagonist of numerous festivals and celebrations of the Vigo people.

The secret of the recipe is inside. It has a base of hard and crunchy almond cookie, sugar and egg white. A layer of butter cream is spread evenly over it, another layer of biscuit and a layer of butter cream is spread over it. Finally it is decorated with thin slices of almond, a few canutillos of chocolate and, ready.

What are you waiting for? The good weather begins, the terraces are already prepared and after knowing these dishes, you only have to approach and taste them while you enjoy the environment of the province of Pontevedra.

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