5 typical dishes from the province of Ourense

If you go to the province of Ourense it is not surprising that you marvel at the delights that flood its recipe book. Along with some of the best known wines of our geography, the wines Denomination de Origen Ribeiro, Valdeorras, Ribeira Sacra or Monterrei, the dishes have a better taste if it’s possible. Here we tell you some of the typical dishes proposed by the gastronomy of Ourense.

A Arnoia Peppers

Along with those of Padrón, the Pimientos de A Arnoia are also the protagonists of many recipes. They are light green, big and if you don’t like surprises you can eat them easy, because this variety does not have spicy specimens.

Although the most common thing is to eat them fried with a touch of salt, some people prepare them stuffed, include them in the tortilla or even try the ice cream peppers.

Marróns Glacé s

As far as confectionery is concerned, it is difficult not to bear in mind that Ourense is an important producer of the well-known Marróns Glacés. A sweet chestnut preparation that triumphs among the most greedy.

It is a product that abounds in the province and to which the most popular festivals of the city are dedicated, the Magostos. After tasting them roasted or cooked, chewing on the outer glaze and savouring the interior is an experience you will surely want to repeat.

Pan de Cea

More than a typical dish in itself, the Pan de Cea could be the perfect companion for any meal of the day. Whether you use it for breakfast toast, to scramble your plate after a meal or to make a good sandwich, what is clear is that we are talking about a bread of exceptional quality.

It is a product made by authentic artisans who maintain the ways of cooking and kneading of yesteryear. We are talking about a type of bread that is made with wheat flour, water, salt and to which is added mother dough that comes from a previous preparation. As for the kneading, it is carried out in different stages and finally it is baked in circular granite ovens, very characteristic of the area. No wonder it has the distinctive Protected Geographical Indication because it is a delight.

Allariz Almonds

One of the most famous desserts of Ourense pastries are almonds from Allariz. A well-known recipe whose preparation is linked to the Poor Clare nuns of the convent that crowns the villa.

Its taste and texture is the result of the mixture of only three ingredients: ground almond, sugar and egg whites. If you are in town, you cannot return home without this wonder. Serve them along with coffee or tea and you will succeed with your visits.

Bica de Castro Caldelas e A Pobra de Trives

The famous Bicas de Castro Caldelas are also a classic of Ourense pastries. A delight based on cooked cow’s butter, sugar, eggs, bread dough and wheat flour.

What makes it special is, above all, the quality of the products and a preparation process that exceeds 60 minutes. With so much care, it is normal that it is an irresistible dessert for the neighbors of these locations

What a way to whet your appetite! Get to know Ourense through its cuisine and discover the great variety of products and ingredients offered by this province.

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