5 typical dishes from the province of A Coruña

In Galicia, gastronomy is an art, something that cannot be discussed. Proof of this is the extensive recipe book of typical foods that flood our community. Galician stew, filloas, seafood and many more are among the most recognized. Although if we limit ourselves to the province of A Coruña, we can also make a selection of specialities that may not sound so familiar to you and you want to try the next time you visit this province.

1. Betanzos Omelet

If you’re a potato omelet fan, Betanzos is your next stop. It is not a dish with many ingredients, as it only has four: egg, Galician potato, olive oil and salt. The success is probably due to the fact that they only use potatoes of autochthonous origin and, of course, eggs from free-range hens.

It is already known that the raw material always determines a good quality. However, if there is one thing you should know about this typical dish, it is that its texture is very mellow. Those who enjoy undercooked omelete will find a paradise in Betanzos. If not, any hotelier in the area will have no problem spending a little more until it is to your liking.

2. Mugardese Octopus

In the coastal town of Mugardos, a special recipe known as the Mugardese Octopus is prepared. Octopus, potatoes, red and green peppers, sweet paprika, olive oil and salt are the ingredients needed to cook this delicacy.

The difference with the famous Pulpo á Feira is that a sofrito is prepared with the vegetables, while the potato is cooked in the water resulting from the cooking of the octopus. The result is a delight with which it is impossible not to suck your fingers and scramble with bread what may remain on the plate.

3. Pementos do Couto

In the region of Ferrolterra is frequent the consumption of one of its star products, the Pementos do Couto. A pepper with the Protected Geographical Indication label that is grown and produced in the municipalities of: Ferrol, Narón, Valdoviño, Cedeira, Moeche, As Somozas, San Sadurniño, Neda, Fene, Mugardos and Ares.

A tapa of fried Pementos do Couto with a pinch of salt is a good choice to try this product of fine and juicy texture, with a slightly sweet flavor and without itching.

4. Cerdido’s Chanfaina
The Chanfaina is a typical product of the area of Cerdido and its surroundings, which is prepared with pork meat. Its preparation includes: fresh and salted bacon, jowls, trimmings of any cuts of pork, some tongue and heart. It is then seasoned with garlic, parsley, onion and various aromatic herbs and finally mixed with flour and blood before being put into bags.

After cooking, the result is a compact dough that is cut into slices and can be tasted cold or grilled.

5. Requeixo of A Capela

Finally, the famous Requeixo de A Capela could not be missing for dessert. This is a variety of Galician fresh cheese that is prepared only with raw milk, without rennet.

It is an ideal dessert product especially if you accompany it with honey, sugar, jam or any sweet ingredient you can think of. Some people accompany it with a portion of quince, for example. However, although the most common is to consume it as a dessert is also a good ally when it comes to cooking cakes, appetizers, fillings or accompaniments.

What a way to whet the appetite! These are some of the meals you can taste if you visit the province of A Coruña. Did you know them all?

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