5 Heritage with good views

We are going to climb to five places that, besides being in themselves great works of our historical and artistic heritage, are excellent viewpoints. Here we will contemplate panoramic views that we will surely not forget.

Tower of Hercules. The tower is present throughout the city of A Coruña, either because it is in sight, or because it permeates everything that has to do with it, as it is on the coat of arms, on the lampposts, on the flags, on a lot of brands and logos… In the same way, the whole of A Coruña is present in the tower. We only have to climb the 234 steps that take us to the top floor to discover the most complete view of the peninsula of A Coruña. And, of course, the Atlantic, where the estuaries of Ares e Betanzos and Ferrol and the Sisargas Islands off Malpica can be seen. Looking down, the sculpture park of the tower. It would not be fair that this heritage is only Galician so, since 2009, it also belongs to the whole world. In winter, weather permitting, it can be visited from Monday to Sunday between 9:45 and 17:00 h, with the last ticket sale at 15:45 h.

Millennium Bridge. The new millennium came to Ourense with a new bridge. But not just any bridge. This novel project to face the 2000s not only allows us to cross the Miño on foot or by car, but also allows us to enjoy a walk over its waters, cars and the bridge itself, as if we were walking on the clouds, wrapped in a sinuous structure from which to contemplate the city calmly at its highest point. The project, signed by Álvaro Varela and executed by Juan M. Calvo, was born with the vocation of turning the bridge into another meeting point of the city, fully integrated into it. It is also known as the Gaviota Bridge.

Roman walls of Lugo. Would the Romans have imagined that their works would last so long? It almost seems a miracle that after so many centuries the wall of Lugo is still standing, and not with excessive differences with the original, at least as far as its perimeter is concerned, which is preserved intact. However, it originally had 85 high towers with large windows at the top, of which only 71 cubes remain, ending at the parapet. The tower of A Mosqueira is the only one that preserves the remains of the windows. The parapet is more than 4 m wide and along it runs a walkway from which we fully capture the structure of the city of Lugo, the new part and the old part. From up here, the wall is like a chest that hides the treasures of the capital: the old town, with the cathedral, the Plaza de Santa Maria, the Provincial Museum… By the way, this Roman heritage is also a World Heritage Site, since 2000.

Virgin of the Rock. In the municipality of Baiona, in the Rías Baixas, we find elevations near the sea from which to obtain good views. This is the case of Mount Samson or San Roque. It was already a great natural viewpoint, but why not make it even more artistic? That was the idea of the engineer Laureano Salgado, who imagined a great sculpture-viewpoint of the Virgin Mary. With the help of the philanthropist Mercedes de la Escalera, he managed to raise the capital to carry it out. In 1930 the sculpture of the Virgin of the Rock was inaugurated, in granite, 15 m high. The design is by Antonio Palacios and the face and hands, in white marble, by the sculptor Ángel García Díaz. This sailor virgin carries a boat in her right hand. Up to here we can approach, we only have to climb the interior spiral stairs. In front of us, the islands Estelas, the Cíes, Monteferro, Baiona, Nigrán and the Atlantic, and some trees. This virgin is a valuable guide for sailors.

Roofs of the cathedral of Santiago. Surely we have already been to Santiago but, do we know the roofs of the cathedral? It is one of the secrets to avoid repeating the usual route. To have a richer vision of things, you have to see them from different points of view. The roofs can be accessed with the ticket to visit the cathedral, which includes a visit to the museum, in the Pazo Xelmírez, the guided tour of the roofs and access to the north tower of the cathedral, the Torre da Carraca. From the top of the roofs, staggered, we appreciate all the pinnacles and towers in the foreground and we have a unique 360º panoramic view of the historic center, in its old age, and the rest of the city, extending. Undoubtedly, an original view of Santiago, a World Heritage Site since 1985, from its core. Visiting hours are from 10:00 to 20:00 h, and as the plan is very attractive, it is recommended to get the ticket in time, so as not to be left without it.

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