Balconies with the best views of Galicia

If we like to be at home and on top of that we have balconies with good views, it is already difficult to get us out. The good thing about these platforms is that, if we have vertigo, we stay in the rear and, whoever wants, can look over the railing. And what do you see then? Well, let’s discover a few landscapes so as not to leave the balcony.

In the Ribeira Sacra it is difficult to choose, with more than thirty well-appointed balconies… In Parada do Sil, where the mountains of the canyon reach their highest point, we have several examples. One is in O Castro: As Xariñas, also known by the suggestive name of Mirada Máxica or Xariñas do Castro. A skyscraper balcony, at least, because we have to take into account that we are in one of the steepest areas of the Val do Sil, and an elevation of 628 m. The structure of the viewpoint consists of two wooden walkways that extend a few meters into the canyon. The railings are made of wood except at the end of the balcony, which are metal, to provide greater security. A balcony on the sheer precipice. Come on, lean out without vertigo, enjoy.

A little higher still is the balcony of Cabezoás, next to the road, in front of the Coto das Boedas. We have in front of us the deepest part of the canyon, and the last bend of the Sil in Parada do Sil, since it then continues in Nogueira de Ramuín. The opposite bank is already Sober, which belongs to the province of Lugo. The viewpoint is made up of a walkway with a wooden floor and metal railing and a small platform that rises a little higher, also metal, like a cantilever to greet. And we salute: to the right, Monforte de Lemos; to the left, small villages like Cerceda or Alberguería.

In the same area, but in the province of Lugo, in Pantón, we can look out on the balcony of A Pena Pombeira. It is located at the highest point of Pantón, at 707 m. It is a simple structure on one great granite block. The view from up there encompasses a bit of everything: the Ourensan banks of the Sil, between Os Peares and Parada do Sil, and the entire Val de Lemos. To the left is the monastery of Santo Estevo de Ribas de Sil and Nogueira de Ramuín; to the right, Carballedo, Chantada and Monforte. In the distance, you can even see O Courel, Castro Caldelas and Manzaneda. This viewpoint is a key point in the circular hiking route between A Cruz and Pena Pombeira, logical. 

At the moment, three balconies facing the Sil, this house is not bad… What if we change the river? In the region of O Ribeiro, on the banks of the Miño, there is another good landscape, although with a somewhat lower point of view. We are talking about the balcony of O Coto da Pena Cortegada, which is located approximately 30 m above the river. The viewpoint was built in 2015. It is made of wood and is fully integrated into the landscape, taking advantage of a rocky area on the river. There are good views of the Miño, the town and the spa, as we must remember that Cortegada is a thermal town. In addition, there is also a picnic area in the area. Good place to relax.

Let’s change the balcony and direct our gaze towards O Grove, for example, to Con da Siradella. This is the highest point in the area, at 165 m altitude. Although it is not very high, it does not matter, there are no obstacles that prevent one of the best views of the O Grove isthmus, A Lanzada, the Umia-Grove Intertidal Complex, the Illa de Arousa, Sanxenxo, the Atlantic Islands, Cabo Silleiro, Cabo Home… The fact is that from here the panoramic view is 360º so, rather than a balcony, we should talk about a terrace.

In the province of Pontevedra we have a mountain with five viewpoints: Mount Aloia. It is the summit that is further south in the Serra do Galiñeiro. It belongs to the municipality of Tui, and is proud to be the first Natural Park in Galicia, a title it received in 1978. One of the viewpoints with the best balcony is O Castelo. It is oriented to the west, in the middle of the cyclopean wall, that ancient construction of a mysterious past that runs along 1,250 m of the mountain. From here we can see the entire Val Miñor and even the Vigo estuary. The balcony railing simulates sinuous tree trunks, so it is easy to see it as part of the landscape.

And from a cyclopean wall to the Pico da Muralla or Monte da Muralla, between Rianxo and Lousame , which is so called because it has remains of castreño walls, in an area where we find stones with history anywhere. The viewpoint was built in 2020, with a wonderful balcony to contemplate the Rías Baixas. You can clearly see the Ría de Arousa, de Muros, de Noia, Rianxo, the Serra do Barbanza, the mouth of the Ría de Vigo and the Cíes and, on clear days, as far as Padrón and Santiago. Amazing! Who is going to leave the balcony with these views?

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