What to do in Galicia the week from August 5th to 11th

The festive atmosphere will remain this week throughout Galicia, from Cervo to A Guarda. Gastronomy, history, legend, sport and music coexist in the agenda of the most outstanding events.


Festa do Monte

August 11th. A Guarda.

One more year the neighbors of A Guarda look towards Santa Trega to celebrate their traditional Festa do Monte. In the previous days various activities will be held, such as championships and concerts of marine bands, which will parade through the streets of the town. But the big day will be Sunday with the hike to the mountain to enjoy a holiday and outdoor meals.


Mercado Medieval de Mondoñedo

August 9th to 11th. Mondoñedo.

Almost 150 stands (mainly crafts and gastronomy), concerts and shows of medieval inspiration will be the great attractions of this celebration that already has 28 editions held. The Medieval Market of Mondoñedo will allow neighbors and visitors to travel back in time.

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Festa da Maruxaina de San Cibrao

August 10th. Cervo.

The legend of a mermaid who lives in a submerged castle off the coast of San Cibrao is the origin of this celebration in which the residents of the Lucense municipality of Cervo celebrate their relationship with the sea. The beach of O Torno serves as a stage for the events, which will reach their central moment with the landing of the Maruxaina between fireworks, the trial and the popular queimada.

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Descenso del Miño

August 10th. Tui

The channel of the Miño river will be filled this Saturday with people sailing in their kayaks. The celebration of the International and Popular descents of Miño will gather hundreds of paddlers in this competition that combines sport and nature.

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Festival Revenidas

August 9th to 11th. Vilaxoán (Vilagarcía de Arousa)

The commitment to music made in Galicia is the hallmark of the Vilaxoán festival. Attendees can enjoy three days of concerts and listen to bands such as Desakato, Hard GZ, Flow do Toxo, Skacha, El Niño de la Hipoteca, Nao, Doctor Krápula, The Riders of the Tropic, Bastard on Parade and Leo Arremecághona, among others.

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Festival Noroeste

August 6th to 11th. A Coruña

More than 80 bands and musicians will turn the city of A Coruña into a great open-air music festival. The mythical rocker Patti Smith is the headliner of this event that will also take Nathy Peluso, Anni B Sweet, Soleá Morente, Júlio Resende, Paco Ibáñez or Los Punsetes to the beach of Riazor and other areas of the city.

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Summer flavored music

August 7th to 10th. Vigo and Sanxenxo

The concert program of the Castrelos auditorium comes to an end with the performance of one of the most international Spanish artists: David Bisbal (Thursday 8). At Sanxenxo, the Maestral Music Festival still has a lot to offer. This week you have an appointment with the comedy of Santi Rodríguez (Tuesday 6) and the music of Rulo and the Contrabanda (Thursday 8), David Reed (Friday 9) and Andrés Balado (Saturday 10).


Festa do Mexillón e do Berberecho

August 8th to 11th. Vilanova de Arousa

The Festa do Mexillón e o Berberecho de Vilanova celebrates a quarter of a century this year, a celebration to enjoy with the palate.


Festa do Pulpo do Carballiño

August 11th. O Carballiño.

O Carballiño, in Ourense, claims once again its status as a reference point for octopus tasting through the celebration of its popular gastronomic festival. The event, which will gather thousands of people in the municipal park to savor the delicious cephalopod, is a festival of national tourist interest and this time it will be dedicated to Asturias.


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