What to do in Galicia from September 20 to 26

As every week we bring you some of the most significant parties, events or concerts of this week:

LIII Cultural Fair of the Cocido. Lalín

Festival of International Tourist Interest since 2020, which this year will be held symbolically from September 23 to 26. Throughout these days, attendees will be able to enjoy the different cultural activities that are organized on the occasion of this party and that this year will have the renowned chef Pepe Solla as a town crier.

Play-Doc 2021. Tui

From September 22 to 26, the international film festival presents its 17th edition in Tui.

Play-Doc makes a strong comeback and retakes its more international character with works by established filmmakers, counting on the presence of true legends of documentary cinema, with emerging directors and a selection of the most recent Galician cinema.

Under the name Cine Tours II: Visiones Nocturnas, the festival is once again committed to a unique experience where the cinema will transform the public space and dialogue with the audience through a night tour of the monumental city of Tui.


Melona Festival 2021. Santiago de Compostela

The fifth edition of this Festival of pop, rock and urban music is held from September 22 to 26, 2021.

At the moment, the poster has the bands Adiós Amores, Chico Blanco and Paco Moreno as a preview.

The price is for the Complete Subscription in limited offer to the first 50 buyers.


Mare Festival. Santiago de Compostela

Also this week, from September 23 to 26, the Maré Atlantic Music and Arts Festival is held in Santiago de Compostela with an ambitious proposal of music and art from both sides of the Atlantic.


We will have more than words. Ourense

We are going to have more than words is a Festival of art and poetry for all audiences, a way to approach poetry from all possible points, away from elitism and strict rules. It will take place on Thursday, September 23 at 9:00 p.m. at the Teatro Principal in Ourense.


Amaral Concert. Vigo

It seems that the concert of the Zaragoza group is finally going to be held in Vigo. After several cancellations, it will be this Saturday, September 25, at Samil beach. Admission is free upon reservation.

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