What to do in Galicia from March 14 to 31


15-17 de marzo: XIX Muestra de la Camelia CEIP Campolongo (Pontevedra)

19-20 de marzo: XIV Jornadas de la Camelia, Salceda de Caselas (Pontevedra)

20 de marzo: VI Exposición de la Camelia de Xeve (Pontevedra)

25-27 de marzo: IV Jornada Internacional de la Camelia “Ven a comer la Camelia” en el Pazo Quinteiro da Cruz, Ribadumia (Pontevedra)

26-28 de marzo: VII Exposición de la Camelia y Bonsai en Padrón (A Coruña)

26-27 de marzo IX Exposición de la Camelia en Torneiros, O Porriño (Pontevedra)

26-27 de marzo: V Exposición de la Camelia en Bajo Nalón (Asturias)

19 mar 

Fiesta del Erizo (Cervo, Lugo)

Cervo has become the Galician capital of sea urchins, due to the abundance of them in its waters. And even more so since this Hedgehog Festival is held in the parish of San Cibrao, to publicise and promote the cultural, scenic and gastronomic richness of the place.

In the Praza dos Campos, this prized echinoderm, which forms the basis of various recipes, is prepared by the town’s bars and restaurants in different ways: croquettes, pies, omelettes, in its natural state, stewed, pudding… All of this in a festive setting, enlivened by a group of bagpipers.

For years, technical conferences have been held on sea urchins, with the aim of deepening the knowledge of this product. A gastronomic competition is also held, with the participation of caterers who collaborate in the event.

19 mar

Fiesta de las Pepitas (Ferrol, A Coruña)

This festival, which is more than 100 years old, pays tribute to all the women of the city by means of tunas and songs. This tradition acquired institutional character due to the act in the Jofre Theatre, in which the insignia of honour is given and the brotherhood of the City Council of Ferrol with the City Council of Mondoñedo is commemorated.

Many musical groups come together in this celebration with waltzes, dances and habaneras, which sound through their lutes, mandolins and bandurrias.

On the eve of San Xosé, the “tunas” gather together; bands of stringed instruments dressed in costumes similar to those of the typical tunos of the University (capes, ribbons, ribbons or cockades), which go through the streets singing to the women of Ferrol. 

In addition, the city’s innkeepers give their customers a special chocolate and orange sweet in the shape of a heart, known as “el beso de las Pepitas” (the kiss of the Pepitas). 

26-28 mar 

Fiesta de la Reconquista (Vigo, Pontevedra)

This popular Vigo celebration, known as “La Reconquista”, commemorates the historical event that allowed Vigo to recover from the Napoleonic troops. Thus, the Regency granted Vigo the title of “City”.

This festival began to be celebrated the year after the victory and, to this day, re-enactments of the battle are held to recreate the expulsion of the invaders. The streets of Vigo’s Old Town are decorated with typical medieval elements: traditional music, battling knights, inhabitants dressed in period costume, craft demonstrations and food stalls. 

You can also enjoy other activities such as theatrical performances, ancient fencing, giants and big-heads… Without a doubt, it’s a festival worth seeing for its theatrical representation, in which half a thousand people take part.

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