What to do in Galicia from March 1 to 13

04 – 06 marzo 
Fiesta de la Arribada (Baiona, Pontevedra)

From March 4 to 6, the streets of Baiona return to the Middle Ages in what they have already called the first Arribada of the Covid-19 era.

With changes from previous editions to adapt to the new health situation but with the same joy as always. This year, with great novelty, it debuts a mascot: the boi Xulián.

Craft stalls, gastronomy, performances, parades and the theatrical representation of the arrival of the Pinta at the port of la vila.

Like other years, boats will be enabled from Vigo, Cangas and Panxón.

All information here: https://www.baiona.gal/arribada-baiona-2022/

04 – 06 marzo (18:00)
Fiesta del Queso de Arzúa (Arzúa, A Coruña)

This celebration, with more than thirty-five years of history (1976), has become one of the most important gastronomic events in Galicia. Arzúa cheese, made using the traditional method and protected under the Quality Galician Product brand, has its own Designation of Origin “Arzúa-Ulloa”. 

This festival is characterised by its emphasis on traditional activities such as livestock farming and cheese making, through avant-garde artistic and recreational expressions. The programme is made up of music concerts with great artists, theatre sessiones, competitions and activities for children, such as the cheese-making workshop.

Specifically, these days are designed to raise awareness and enjoyment of this artisan cheese. Thus, the Arzúa Innkeepers Association and the “Arzúa-Ulloa” Designation of Origin are taking part in the organisation of a tapas and pinchos competition in the town’s establishments from Friday to Saturday.


05 marzo (12:00)
Fiesta del Caldo Gallego de Mourente (Mourente, Pontevedra)

After 27 uninterrupted years, this gastronomic festival is organised by the neighbourhood association El Castro, in the parish of Mourente in Pontevedra. 

During this Galician Broth’s Celebration, people approach the tents where the broth is served in a screen-printed cup and can be repeated for free. Also, all accredited pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago who pass through this event, will be welcomed and invited to a cup of broth. 

At noon there will be the reading of the proclamation and the parade of invited gastronomic brotherhoods. There will also be musical performances by Galician and Portuguese folk groups, as well as a visit to the broth monument. Taste a good Galician broth while enjoying traditional music.

06 marzo (12:00)
Fiesta de la Filloa (Lestedo, A Coruña)

On Sunday, March 6, Lestedo will once again be filled with the aroma of its famous pancakes. This famous carnival dessert is the undisputed protagonist of the party, made from flour, water, eggs and salt, for a few years it has been cooked in an original machine, invented by the local pastry chef, from which an average of 1,500 pancakes every hour, without loss of texture or flavor.

The XXXIX Festa da Filloa de Lestedo will begin at 10:00 a.m. with the fiolleira machine being turned on and will continue with a Photographic Show “39 Anos Filloando”, and the performance of the musical groups AA.CC. Mestre M. Gacio. At 12.00 noon the Entroido party will take place and at 12.30 the Grand Parade of Xenerais do Ulla will begin. This year the person in charge of the proclamation is Xosé M. Lobato, who will give way to the beginning of the tasting.

The party will continue in charge of the Finisterre and Olympus orchestra.

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