What to do in Galicia from April 18 to 25

02-24 abril 

Fiesta de Pascua de Padrón – Easter Festival of Padron (Padrón, A Coruña)

This festival of National Tourist Interest has been celebrated annually since the beginning of the seventeenth century, associated with the historical prominence of Padrón as a place of passage, political center and nucleus of the area of influence.

This Easter Festival was born by the coincidence of a Sunday market and one of the most important horse and cattle fairs in Galicia along with the celebration of Easter Sunday. Since medieval times, the liturgical acts of Holy Week functioned as a form of expression of popular religiosity, as well as an identity marker for the population as a whole.

16-25 abril 

Fiestas Patronales de San Telmo – Patron Saint Festivities of San Telmo (Tui, Pontevedra)

In Tui there are several celebrations in its patron saint festivities, which begin with the traditional coronation of the queens of the festivities and include activities for all ages. 

Likewise, religious acts take place to honor the patron saint of navigators, San Telmo, a pilgrim saint venerated throughout Galicia who died in this town while doing the Camino. Some of these acts are officiated in the Cathedral of Santa María by the Bishop of the Diocese of Tui-Vigo, among which stands out the procession of the saint on the last day of the festivities, in which multiple brotherhoods participate.

Among the most outstanding events is the Agricultural and Industrial Fair of Baixo Miño and the Popular Festival of the Eel in the Paseo da Corredoira, the latter is a gastronomic festival in honor of the cherished miño eels.

22-24 abril 

Fiesta de la Lamprea – Lamprey Festival Fair (Arbo, Pontevedra)

This festival of National Tourist Interest is celebrated every year around one of the star products of Galician gastronomy: the lamprey. 

For several days there are tastings of dishes based on this delicious delicacy. Its consumption is usually accompanied by local wine. In the streets the melody of the bagpipes resounds, and the municipal music band performs. Fishing for this cylindrical, scaleless fish is very popular in the area between January and April. It is carried out with the fishing traditions; stone constructions that are placed in the river. A whole weekend of exaltation of the emblematic lamprey and its exquisite wines.

24 abril

LIV Feira do Cocido (Lalín)

This Sunday marks the 54th edition of the Lalín Cooked Fair, a Festival of International Tourist Interest that celebrates the most unique and popular dish of Galician cuisine.

It arrives with a program of more than fifty activities that will be distributed between the days before and after the fair.

Check all the information here: https://feiradococido.lalin.gal/programa

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