Galicia, festival destination

This weekend is Portamérica, the famous festival that brings together music stars and Michelin stars. It goes from July 13 to 15, so we are still on time. He started with Deluxe and Guitarritadelafuente, among others; On Friday Sebastián Yatra, Jorge Drexler or La M.O.D.A. and, on Saturday, he says goodbye with Bag Byal, MCan, Silvana Estrada, Carlangas and more. We can carry the house on our backs, and the family too, since it has a camping, caravanning and chiquiteca area. Good music, good food and good scenery, in the Azucarera de Portas, in Caldas de Reis.

We can also still see a bagpipe band from here and there in the classic of a lifetime: the Ortigueira festival, which, inaugurated on the 9th, has a very complete program until July 16, with exhibitions, workshops, Celtic parades and concerts, such as Le vend du Nord, Four men and a dog ou Rura, among others.

On Friday the 14th, the Wake up & Dream Festival kicks off in the Bens park in A Coruña, that is, a festival to wake up and dream, or daydream, and dance to an electronic sound with many amps. On Friday, the show is given by Carlos Cox, Andrea Oliva, Chelina Manuhutu, Fatima Hajii, Squire, Isma B, Seles and André V. and, on Saturday, Amelie Lens, Klangkuenstler, Ben Sims, Andrés Campo, Gonçalo b2b perform Raúl Pacheco, Joyhouser and Manu Sánchez. To not worry, there is a shuttle service for round trips to the city, since it is not possible to access it with your own vehicle.

And from the mountains to the sea, with the Mar Aberto Festival, with music and views. This cycle of concerts already has some performances in the month of July, but it still has some left. On the 15th and 16th, in Cabo Silleiro, in Baiona, there will be Lynn Milanés, Monoulious Dop and Rapariga dj and, on the 16th, Sés, Catuxa Salom and Russ dj. On July 21 the stage will be at the Punta da Barca lighthouse, in Muxía, with Freedonia, Fillas de Cassandra and Señora dj and, on the 29th, Mísia, Cora Veloso and Rapariga dj. Finally, on July 28, The Gift, Sheila Patricia and Señora dj and, on July 29, Blanca Paloma, Allova and Rapariga dj at the Corrubedo lighthouse, in Muxía. There is a free shuttle service, the same as the concerts, since you reserve the ticket but then you get your money back.

And from the sea to the river, or rather, to the river beach, in O Barco de Valdeorras. On July 13, 14 and 15, the SilFest Valdeorras is held here. This year we will be able to listen to Ángel Stanich, Joe Crepúsculo, Niña Polaca, Alberto & García, Fillas de Cassandra, Yoly Saa, Luis Fercán, Joana Serrat, The Gulps, Whiskey Caravan, Casino Montreal, Captain Voskov, Adrian Timms, Señora dj, dj Lizard and Hawkins. This festival is advertised as a family vocation, and has many children’s activities: workshops, games, movies… In addition, it has a camping area, next to the municipal swimming pools.

A lot of electronics, a lot of rock, a lot of pop, a lot of trap… And what about jazz? Well, it also has a place, of course. On July 13, 14 and 15, the Jazz ao Norte de Ferrol festival arrives at the castle of San Felipe. This year, it also occupies the Military Arsenal. It is the third edition, in which they will have figures like Awa Ly. In A Coruña, we have +QJazz, with performances at the Colón theater, in Azcárraga square and in the Garufa, Filloa and Mardi rooms. The program started on July 10, but we are still in time for the performances on the 14th (Red House Revival) and 15th (Garufa Blue Devils Big Band).

The Scorpions already played in the port of A Coruña on July 13, within the Coruña Sounds festival. On the 20th it is the turn of Rubén Blades and Roberto Delgado Big Band; on the 22nd, Marea y Bocanada and on the 31st, for the auction, Zaz.

Fancy something more relaxed? Maybe it’s a little late for the Peregrinos Musicais festival, in Santiago and Ames, dedicated to new performers and Rachmaninoff, between June 29 and July 14, with a total of 7 concerts. Between July 14 and 22, the Xacobeo Clarinet Festival is held, with 20 concerts and master classes, in Lalín.

And from woodwind to metal airs. In the Naves de Ojea esplanade, in Cangas, we have the Kanekas Metal Fest, on July 21 and 22, which is now in its twelfth edition. The Arson Project, Crypta, Noctem, Golgotha, Agónica and Raze on the first day and Sinister, Persefone, Vidres a la Sang, Mind Driller, Scent of Death and Cruzeiro on the second.

At this time, also in the Rías Baixas, the Atlantic Fest of Vilagarcía arrives, on July 21, 22 and 23, with performances by Sidonie, Sidecars, Cariño, Cupido and Leiva. And, also on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd, the most mysterious festival of all coincides: SinSal, on the Illa de San Simón, about which we cannot anticipate more because it is secret.

At the end of the month, July 28-29, the Morriña Fest occupies the battery dock of the port of A Coruña. On Friday they are Bizarrap, Jason Derulo, Two Door Cinema Club, Sidecars, Danny Ocean, Shinova, Lali, Samuraï, Dudi, Berto, Apart and Purple Rei and, on Saturday, Nicky Jam, Melendi, Rels B, Morad, Carlos Sadness, Emilia, Villano Antillano, Aleesha, Los Castizos, Eva B, Monoulious Dop and Javi Chapela.

Already in August, the SonRías Baixas, in Bueu, brings us on the 3rd, 4th and 5th to Boikot, Macaco, Arde Bogotá, Grande Amore, Lamatumbá and many more. A great fest that has been going on for 20 years. With free camping area, by the way.

And how about dancing perreo? Reggaeton Beach Festival, on August 5 and 6 in the Molle park. de Nigrán, comes loaded with concerts, activities, water attractions, shishas… Everything to make us feel on the reggaeton beach. They will be Ozuna, Jhayco, Young Miko, Polimá Westcoast, Lírico en la Casa, Jeipy, Anuel AA, Bryant Myers, Chimbala, Ptazeta, Saik, Omy de Oro and Aina da Silva. A week later, on the same stage, the IMC summer festival will take place, with Chanel, Leo Rizzi, Vico, Roi Méndez and Grove Amigos dj.

At the end of August, a solidarity festival, the Festival de la Luz, in Boimorto, organized by the great Luz Casal, on the 25th, 26th and 27th. It is very complete, with different spaces: children’s, market, gastronomy, Espazo Mans. .. And area of ​​shops and caravans. Bands such as Reincidentes, La Niña Polaca, Viva Suecia, Luar na Lubre, Herdeiros da Crus, Maren, Rayden among many more will perform.

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