What to do in Galicia from 9 to 15 July?

This week of July we have a lot of leisure proposals in Galicia, from the same Monday and with very varied plans. It will be difficult to choose between all these alternatives, which one do you like the most?


Faguía do Carnés

From 9 to 11 July – Plaza del concello 6, Vimianzo

We started the agenda with this Fiesta dedicated to the tripe that is prepared in Carnés every year with the image of San Cristóbal presiding over the food, and the people approaching it to pray or ask favors.

As you already know in Galicia we are very fond of celebrations and in this party was not going to be less. Pipers will accompany this party during the three days it lasts. If you like Galician tripe, this is your party!


Festas de San Benitiño de Lérez

Wednesday, July 11 – Mosteiro San Salvador de Lérez, Pontevedra

In the monastery of San Salvador de Lérez there is a chapel dedicated to Saint Benedict, the miraculous saint who cures diseases of the skin, especially warts and pustules. On this day, continuous Masses are celebrated from the morning for everyone who wants to attend. But not only devotion feeds this party, which will have octopus stands, donuts, empanada, churros … in the esplanade in front of the monastery. The program is completed with musical performances that will mix tradition and verbena in the vicinity of the monastery.


International Celtic World Festival of Ortigueira

From 12 to July 15 – Ortigueira, A Coruña.

It’s already time for The International Festival Celtic World of Ortigueira, which this 2018 celebrates its 40th edition with the participation of artists such as Milladoiro, Ímar or Yves Lambert.

Apart from the festival, there are more proposals such as exhibitions, theatrical performances, a fair in which you can buy handmade products and the traditional parade of bagpipes bands from all the Celtic territories, held on Sunday morning.

There is free urban transport from the parkings to the camps.

You can see the full program at http://festivaldeortigueira.com/


Feira do Viño do Rosal

14 and July 15 – Parish of O Rosal (Santa Mariña), O Calvario, Pontevedra.

This weekend you can taste different wines from the wineries of the O Rosal area that participate in this fair, accompanied, of course, by exquisite gastronomic products.

The program includes, in addition to the tasting, interesting cultural exhibitions and activities for children. On Sunday morning there will be a popular race among the vineyards of the wineries participating in the fair.


Festa do Polbo

Saturday, July 14 – Concello de Mugardos, A Coruña.

The big octopus day arrives in the mugardesa style, characterized by its sauce made with onion, green pepper and red pepper. 10 euros the octopus ration mugardesa style and 2 euros the octopus empanada, with a cup of wine and bread. And you can take the plate and the cup as a souvenir!

In addition, as in almost all Galician parties you can enjoy this delicious delicacy with the music of the brass bands.


Festa do Percebe do Roncudo

Saturday, July 14 – Parish of Corme Porto (Nosa Señora dos Remedios), O Porto de Corme, Ponteceso, A Coruña.

Every year the Festa do Percebe do Roncudo begins with a brass band and a group of bagpipes. At 12 noon there is a mass sung in honor of all the sailors who died in the capture of this crustacean. After the mass, the barnacle tasting opens with the proclamation of the Fiestas. A gastronomic plan that you should not miss if you have never tasted this Galician delicacy.


Grand Prize of Carrilanas de Esteiro

From 13 to July 15 – Esteiro, Muros, A Coruña.

Do you know what a Carrilana is? a 3 or 4 wheel vehicle for downhill competitions without any type of propulsion. The most fun is the imagination and the determination of its creators every year to develop them.

This week the Grand Prix is ​​celebrated, so if you want to participate, you know: be original, fun and even incorporate a costume to your kit. But above all, watch out for the curves!

More information at http://carrilanasesteiro.com/es/


Festividade do Apóstolo Santiago

From July 15 to 31 – Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña.

One of the biggest celebrations of the year in Galicia is already here, among which is the big day, July 25, Galicia Day.

A fortnight full of concerts with classical music and folklore, orchestras, street theater, hall theater, children’s programming, bands, humor, dance…

On the 24th and 25th of July the main events are concentrated: The 24th at midnight stands out for the impressive pyrotechnic spectacle in front of the Cathedral of Santiago (we recommend that you take an early place in the Plaza do Obradoiro to contemplate the fireworks). And during the 25th, it is an unmissable event to attend mass in the Cathedral and see the immense botafumeiro that fills the room with that unique scent.


Festa do Santísimo Cristo dos Aflixidos de Bouzas

From 13 to July 17 – Vigo, Pontevedra.

The most important holidays of the year for this Vigo neighborhood arrive. In the program we have the reading of the proclamation, the international regatta of faluchos (some traditional boats of Latin sailing), and the Piro-Musical Poetry Festival “Cidade de Vigo-Vila de Bouzas.” The agenda is completed with festivals and contests.

On Sunday night, a procession is celebrated in honor of the patron saint and followed by an impressive fireworks display. We recommend that you take a place in the docks or beach of Bouzas or, if you can move, go to one of the viewpoints of Vigo such as Paseo Alfonso, Montes de O Castro and A Guide to enjoy the fires in all their splendor.

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