What to do in Galicia from 29 April to 7 May

Do you wonder what to do the week of April 29th to May 7th? Here’s the solution!
Enjoy the first days of May with these so interesting proposals.

Festa da Filloa de Muimenta

May 1st – Cospeito

The Festa da Filloa de Muimenta was born as an initiative to raise funds for the organization of the Mostra Exposición de Muimenta, a livestock competition. Thanks to the success of the event, the inhabitants of the area have given the filloa its rightful place in the gastronomy of the area. A day of conviviality for everyone who is encouraged to enjoy this day, which coincides with Labor Day. “Filloeiras” and “filloeiros” from the area make “filloas” to accompany “churrasco” and “chorizos criollos”, the typical gastronomic complement of the festival. Artisans, “zoqueiros”, blacksmiths or basket makers also attend to sell their creations and make demonstrations of their trades.

Feira Exposición Exaltación do Viño do Ribeiro 

From 3 to 5 May – Ribadavia

Since 1963, this festival has been dedicated to the wine of O Ribeiro, an element of identity of this region of Ourense. An opportunity to get to know and taste the great variety of wines of the D. O. and its surprising combinations of aromas. Anyone who wants to, can participate in a popular tasting contest, or do their shopping in the craft market installed in the famous square of A Magdalena. And adding to this, there will also be musical animations, agricultural machinery exhibitions and much more!

Festa dos Maios de Ourense

May 5th – Ourense

Formerly, with this festival the Galicians celebrated the arrival of spring and the end of winter. In this way, they propitiated the obtaining of good harvests. Nowadays, the Maios are the last folkloric manifestation that is celebrated in Galicia to say goodbye to winter. They are typical figures, among which the conical or pyramidal shape dominates, made with frames of rods or reeds, covered with natural elements such as moss, sticks or wild flowers. More artistic pieces are also created in the form of monuments, granaries, boats, etc. Around them are sung coplas, ironic songs and criticisms of current events or characters. In addition, in the Alameda do Concello, a Contest of Maios e Coplas is announced in which all kinds of social and cultural groups and collectives participate.

Are you going to be in Galicia this week? Well, put these appointments in your diary!

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