The festivities of the start of May are reinvented to keep their flame alive

Covid is once again threatening the traditional celebrations with which several Galician municipalities welcome the month of May. But just like a year ago, those responsible for these festivities, declared of tourist interest and which are deeply rooted, are working on alternative proposals to prevent them from falling into oblivion and allow the flavours, smells, art and springtime songs to reign once again.


Festa da Troita

A Pontenova

The 1st of May has been a day of double celebration in the municipality of A Pontenova in Lugo since 1978. It was then that the Festa da Troita began, an event declared by the National Fishing Federation as a competition of national sporting interest and which since 1999 has also been a festival of tourist interest. The competitions for fishermen that take place in the waters of the river Eo are the highlight of this festive event, which usually also includes other recreational activities such as hiking and music. This year there will be no celebration, but its promoters are working on the organisation of a symbolic act to keep the spirit of the festival alive with a view to 2022.

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Festa da Filloa de Muimenta


Born in 1992 to help raise funds for the Mostra Exposición de Muimenta, the Festa da Filloa has acquired its own personality over the years, as was confirmed in 2008 with its declaration as a celebration of tourist interest. The traditional dessert to which it is devoted becomes the star dish of a day that fills the Manuel Vila fairgrounds with flavour and even has its own poem, the one dedicated to it by the teacher and writer Marica Campo. Given the impossibility of celebrating the festival last year, its organisers proposed to the locals to share through social networks how they prepared and tasted the filloas from their homes, and on this occasion they hope to surprise the public again with an alternative proposal.

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Feira da Tenreira Galega


The residents of Láncara will have to wait for the second consecutive year to celebrate the declaration of their Feira da Tenreira Galega as a celebration of tourist interest. As twelve months ago, they will not be able to gather at the fairgrounds of A Pobra de San Xiao, but that will not mean that they will have to give up enjoying the tasty product that they have been celebrating for 22 years. So that the flavour of Galician veal is present in every home in the municipality on the 1st of May, the council will give two kilos of meat to every home.

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Feira do Viño do Ribeiro


About to celebrate its sixth decade, the Ribeiro Wine Fair is a classic on the festive calendar at the start of May. Producers and wineries display the prized wines of Galicia’s oldest denomination of origin at the stands set up in the Alameda de Ribadavia exhibition centre. The programme of activities for this celebration of tourist interest usually includes tastings, samplings, showcookings, competitions, exhibitions, guided tours and other diverse activities throughout the weekend. For the second year, the Fair will have to dispense with these successful proposals, reinventing itself to avoid crowds. For this reason, its promoters are planning to carry out activities in different emblematic points of the municipality more focused on the promotion among the professionals of the sector.

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Os Maios


The first Sunday of the month of May is the date on which the neighbours of Ourense officially welcome spring. They do it in a festive way with Os Maios, a celebration of ancestral roots that combines the elaboration of ornamental plant figures with the recitation of satirical couplets turning the central promenade of the Alameda into a spectacle of shapes, colours and fun. Declared a festival of tourist interest 20 years ago, this year the celebration will once again have an alternative proposal through the initiative Cantádeme un Maio, which encourages residents to decorate the windows, balconies or doors of their homes with their maios and to share the songs during the day of 2 May in areas of the city where it is possible to comply with the health measures against covid.

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