The Devesa of A Rogueira, a natural and chromatic spectacle

Despite the fact that technology and communications are part of our daily lives today, it is often necessary to find remote places that will restore our calm. The Devesa of A Rogueira is one of those places away from civilization that are within our reach to escape and disconnect from the world. Don’t you know her yet? We invite you to visit it to take a look at the past and discover a very unique natural paradise, since it is one of the forests with the greatest diversity of colors and plant species not only in Galicia, but also in all of Spain.


This forest located in the municipality of Folgoso do Courel (Lugo) is one of the best preserved jewels of the O Courel mountain range, since the few devesas that exist in this mountain range are very humid and are found on very steep slopes. However, the Devesa of A Rogueira is made up of 3 square kilometers which, according to a study published in 2013 by researchers from the University of Santiago de Compostela, is home to a total of 21 different types of forests. In addition to the great diversity of flora, the variety of fauna is not far behind: the Iberian newt, long-legged frog, weasels, wildcats, martens and dormouses are some of the inhabitants of this natural space.


Once immersed in this Atlantic forest, it is easy to travel back in time and realize what the original landscape of Galicia would be like, characterized by its green tones. In the deeper areas, the vegetation of this devesa offers some types of aromatic plants, even showing a Mediterranean hue. In addition, it has certain enclaves in which the mineral value of its subsoil and its caves can be seen. An example is the Fontes do Cervo, a wall several meters high and reddish in color that contrasts with its surroundings.


One of the greatest attractions of this natural place is the hiking route that begins in the village of Moreda, where the Aula da Natureza is located. There is a permanent exhibition there with the aim of informing about the trails and ecological values ​​of the mountains. The start of the walk is simple and makes the first half hour bearable, but as the ascent progresses it begins to be more and more complicated. Right in the center of the area you can see the most interesting fauna of O Courel and a rich flora, such as ash, beech, holly and birch.


Getting to the top and viewing the Fonte do Cervo compensates for all the effort and accumulated fatigue. It is true that the climbs are hard, but if you feel like it, do not hesitate: during and after the journey you will be able to enjoy a visual spectacle that, without a doubt, will cost you to forget for a long time.



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