PR-G1 Galiñeiro

PR-G1 Galiñeiro
PR-G1 Galiñeiro

ACCESSES – Along the road from Vigo to Gondomar and at the junction with the road from O Porriño, stop in

A Pasaxe.

DISTANCE – 8.6 km. The main route is 8.2 km and the derivation 0.4 there and back.

CONNECTIONS – With the GR 53, 58 and with the PR-G 2.

MATERIAL – It’s easy to find water at the numerous springs along the route.

SERVICES – Miguel Regueira Refuge Hut, Club Montañeiros Celtas. Bars at the start and end of the route.


ROUTE – A Pasaxe, Galiñeiro, Zamáns dam and A Pasaxe.


DURATION – 3 hours

Between the parishes of Zamáns and Vincios and 13 km from Vigo, O Galiñeiro lifts its rocky bulk to 709 m, the maximum height of the mountain range that bears its name, standing up over the surrounding valleys and giving some splendid views.

The pathway begins in the town of O Pasaxe, marked by a sign. Along the route we come across mixed forest and resting areas with fresh water springs. On the granite walls of O Galiñeiro, there is an area for the climbing school with a large number of routes, varying in difficulty, for practising this sport. On the upper part, near the summit, there are some ruins possibly belonging to the defensive wall of a Galician- Roman fortress. The peak overlooks an extensive panorama of southern Pontevedra province.

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