O Ribeiro Wine Fair – Exhibition

Ribadavia (Ourense)

The date of this fair varies, although it is normally held in early May, on a site boasting the stately homes of the nobility and churches with charming towers as well as the more humble dwellings of the winemakers. Ribadavia is imbued with the very essence of the local “ribeiros”, and particularly those that lived on the banks of the Avia, the river that flows between the terraced vineyards or “socalcos” where the grapes of the Pazos de Arenteiro, Leiro and Beade ripen, on its way to join the Miño in Ribadavia. The city grew up around the Sarmiento family castle, and boasts a Jewish quarter complete with ancient wine cellars, a cool freshness and something of a pagan sanctuary and authentic local associations.

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This wine festival is a display and exaltation of the very finest wines produced by the famous vineyards along the riverside such as Barbantes, Razamonde, Ventosela, Esposende, Castrelo, A Arnoia, San Cristovo, Beade, Leiro, Beiro, San Clodio, Riobó, Gomariz, Pazos de Arenteiro, Varón, etc.

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