Hiking in Galicia

You have most likely heard of the Camino de Santiago and the fact that it ends in Galicia. But did you know that there are also a lot of other hiking routes in Galicia, not related to the Camino de Santiago?

We have uploaded the GPS coordinates, photos and maps of more than 100 of these hikes to 3 online hiking sites: ikiMaps, EvertTrail and Wikiloc.

On ikiMaps we have uploaded 62 hiking routes that you can see here. One of them being the “Sendeiro das Greas” in Vigo.

On EverTrail we have 62 hiking routes. One of them the “PR-G 117 Ruta das Fragas aos Muíños – Galicia”


On Wikiloc there are about 110 routes shared, some easy and some more difficult. This one for example, the “PR-G 145 Ruta da Marronda – Alto Eo” is considered a difficult route due to its steep hills (but beautiful views). Walking the whole route you will have climbed close to 800 meters.


So if you have walked to Galicia on the Camino, liked the beautiful nature that Galicia has to offer and would like to continue walking here, you have a lot to choose from.

Looking at the photos that has been uploaded and the route description and characteristics, I am sure that you will find a route that is exactly what you are looking for.


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