Festa do Polbo of Mugardos

In the 18th century Octopus fishing was one of the most outstanding activities of the port of Mugardos. It grew so much that the capture of this cephalopod was practically the only occupation of the town for decades. Therefore, the octopus is its most typical product, and that’s the reason why every year a gastronomic celebration is held in his honor.

More than two hundred volunteers from different cultural associations of the village serve every year about 1200 kg of this delightful dish in 3000 servings, cooked in traditional Mugard style: boiling the octopus and serving it with a onions, green and red peppers sauce. It differs in this way from the most famous and traditional Galician recipe: the “pulpo á feira”. And in addition, this dish is always joined with the music of “charangas” that turn this celebration to a real party.  Another fact is that the menu is served in the traditional pottery dishes and wine cups, with an inscription of the name and date of this celebration.

This year, the Mugardos Octopus Festival reaches its XXVII edition and the mayor already announced several changes in the program of this year. These changes are focused on promoting the gastronomic excellence of the celebration and achieve this way an increase in the hotel industry of the town. That means that strict sanitary controls of the products are made, and that the coordination of kitchen professionals of Mugardos will be improved. It’s the way that Mugardos prepares everything to receive  those thousands of visitors who come every year to one of the most beautiful promenades of the Galician coast. And due to this, in 2009 this festival was declared of Tourist Interest in Galicia.

Take note of the date and join the tradition of our land.

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