Festa da Langosta e da cociña mariñeira

The acknowledged quality of the gastronomy of A Guarda was translated in 1991 into the first “Festa da Langosta” (“Festival of the Lobster”). Since its first edition, the enormous number of visitors made it grow every year until being recognised like Festa de Interese Turístico de Galicia in 2009. At the same time, the village was known as the “lobster capital”.

That growth is not just about the increase of the travellers; it also is about the increment of celebration days and the wider variety of seafood and sweets, which contributed to increase the gastronomic supply and reach all tastes. In fact, since 2000, the festival includes a sample of local gastronomy with new shellfish and molluscs, and it is because of this that since that year, the festivity has changed its name to “Festa da Langosta e da Cociña Mariñeira da Guarda” (“Festival of the Lobster and Seafood Cuisine of A Guarda”),

During the festival days (this year will be celebrated between June 30th and July 2nd) a big tent is placed at the port with numerous tables and chairs for the attendees that want to taste the lobster and other different dishes. Generally, the menu includes half portion of lobster, Rosal’ wine and the typical “roscón de yema”. Moreover, the festival has animation and entertainment for adults and children and, in the last years, it has multiplied with a wide and diverse musical, sporty and cultural programme.

As its name indicates, the star product is the lobster, which is going to be selling at prices around 40 Euros, but there also will be tastings of other products like barnacles, scallops, shrimps, octopus and a variety of “empanadas”. The dessert menu is diverse too, and it includes recipes typical of A Guarda.

In addition, it is noteworthy a concert of María do Ceo, one of the leading exponent of the Portuguese fado.

So if you want to have fun with the Galician gastronomy in a very festive atmosphere, this is one of the events that you have to mark in your summer agenda.

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