Do you know the Romería do Naseiro? Come to Viveiro!

A Mariña Lucense is a privileged land for many reasons. The first of them: its landscapes, full of coasts, valleys and mountain ranges that look like a tale. The second one: its gastronomy, rich in sea fish, river fish, seafood, meats and a long etcetera. It is not surprising, therefore, that in this context festivals arise like the one that we will show you today.

The Romería do Naseiro is a festival that is celebrated at the end of August in the valley of Naseiro, in the town of Viveiro. It is, since 1967, Festival of National Tourist Interest, and this year is held between 25th and 29th August, adding five days of concerts, meals and desire to enjoy.

This festival is attended by thousands of people from all over Spain who stay in the improvised huts built for the occasion, creating a village that also has its own flea market and many stalls for food and drink. All this, seasoned with music of orchestras and great variety of attractions.

Normally, the party starts on Friday afternoon, “octopus day”, in which a large dinner is organized for the son of “charangas” and pipers (only last year he repaired more than 3,000 kilograms of octopus). The following days are for the seafood, the broth, the empanada and the typical sardine (each day for one thing). On the last day, in the afternoon, the Humorous Descent of the Landro is realized, in which the organizers of the event and everyone that wants to join descend by the river until the field of the party, dressed in more singular costumes.

The origin of the Romería do Naseiro dates back to 1933, when Antonio Noriega Varela and José Barros promoted this initiative for the first time to exalt not a particular food, but the food in general. What began more than 80 years ago as a meeting of people from the village to eat and enjoy the place, today is one of the best known fiestas in Spain and lasts five days. Among the trees of Naseiro, today and as, are built large tables and booths of all kinds in what is important to enjoy good food and people.

In addition, this year, as a novelty, there will be orchestras both in the session and in the night party during all the days that the celebrations last, with which the fun and entertainment are assured.

In short, if there is a party that you can not miss, this is it. We do not know if it is the best, but it is the most curious we know. Of course to know why … you’ll have to go!


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