Curiosities of the Albariño Festival in Cambados

From 2nd to 6th August, and every year, Cambados celebrates the Albariño Festival, declared Festival of National Tourist Interest since 1990 and an indisputable summer meeting in Galicia.

Its history goes back to 1953, year in which in the middle of a meeting of friends it is decided to organize for the first time a competition between winemakers coinciding with the patron saint’s celebration. They agreed that each harvester had to present his wine and then choose the best of them all. In this first edition took part a half hundred of diners and nine winemakers, and from there the party has been growing and, today, there are thousands of participants in this event, surpassing, in the last years, the 200.000. In addition, in this party are concentrated large numbers of tourists who carry Cambados attracted by the fame of their wines and the tradition of their festivities, the oldest in Galicia in the wine field.

One of its best known traditions is the appointment of the Ladies and Knights of Honor of the Serenisimo Chapter of Albariño. They are also a tradition the “peñas”: groups of young people from Cambados who participate in the organization of the party and, dressed in identification shirts and a glass always ready for the next wine, encourage attendees through streets and bars.

Another curiosity: during the event around 100.000 bottles of Albariño wine are distributed, or what is the same, 75.000 liters of this drink whose fame goes beyond our land.

During all these years, artists of great musical relevance have acted in the Festival of the Albariño and, in each edition, they surpass a little more, adding to the dozens of activities that delight the attendees.

In sum, who attends this event will leave with the feeling of having shared the love and enormous passion that each of the winemakers has put in the making one of the best wines in the world, and will have enjoyed an atmosphere that will make them wish that the edition of the following year will arrive soon.

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