Cooking Festivals

Albariño Wine Festival, Cambados - Pontevedra - Spain.


“Christian cooking in the west has no larder  as great as that offered by Galicia”


Cooking is one of Galicia’s main tourist resources: the quality and variety of its local products are the foundation for the diversity of dishes that are prepared, and products served. These products, from the country, from livestock and, above all, from the sea, have their own peculiarities, and although nowadays they can be found outside Galicia, local quality is still the main feature of Gallego cooking. What is more, it should not be forgotten that one of the most prestigious elements of our cuisine has been the professionalism of our chefs, who work not only in Galicia, but can be found anywhere around the world.

Exaltations of cooking arouse the interest of whoever visits them. The origin of these fiestas is in local or district celebrations to commemorate the place’s traditions, friends’ meetings, or harvest or religious festivals, such as the pilgrimages, when fulfilling the promise to the Saint was completed with a traditional meal. On gaining renown, the fiesta attracted people from other places. Other exaltations of cooking sprang up with the tourist industry already in mind. In total, they number around 300 all over Galicia every year: on the coast, fish and shellfish are the most common; inland, the basis is meat and freshwater fish.


Date Product Town Province
7th January Rice pudding Ferrol A Coruña
15th January Tripe Vilanova de Arousa Pontevedra
26th January Botelo O Barco de Valdeorras Ourense
4th February Sausage Vila de Cruces Pontevedra
Sun. Before Carnival Gallego Stew Lalín Pontevedra
Carnival Sunday Androlla o Botelo Viana do Bolo Ourense
Carnival Sunday Goat Vilariño de Conso Ourense
Carnival Sunday Turnips As Pontes A Coruña
February (variable) Gallego tetilla cheese Antas de Ulla Lugo
1st Sunday March Gallego tetilla cheese Arzúa A Coruña
Piñata Sunday Filloa Lestedo-Boqueixón A Coruña
3rd Sunday March Gallego tetilla cheese Friol Lugo
March (variable) Pig’s Ear Sales-Vedra A Coruña
Last Sunday March Gallego Stock Mourente Pontevedra
Easter Week Wine O Rosal Pontevedra
Easter Sunday Rosquilla (croissant) Abades (Silleda) Pontevedra
St. Lazarus’ Eve Lamprey Pontecesures Pontevedra
March-May (variable) Ulla Aguardiente (liquor) Ribadulla A Coruña
March-April (variable) Ribeira Sacra Wine Chantada y Quiroga Lugo
April (variable) Ulla Wine Sarandón-Vedra A Coruña
Easter Sunday Oysters Arcade-Soutomaior Pontevedra
April (variable) Lamprey Arbo Pontevedra
Easter Saturday Lamprey Pie Padrón A Coruña
Easter Sunday Aguardiente (liquor) Portomarín Lugo
Easter Sunday Eels Tui Pontevedra
Date Product Town Province
Last Saturday April Mushrooms Ordes A Coruña
End April/Begin. May O Ribeiro Wine Ribadavia Ourense
1st May Filloa Muimenta-Cospeito Lugo
1st May Trout A Pontenova Lugo
2nd Sunday May Cuttlefish Redondela Pontevedra
3rd Sunday May Salmon A Estrada Pontevedra
3rd sunday May Honey fritters Melide A Coruña
Last Sunday May Galo de Curral(Cock of the walk) Vila de Cruces Pontevedra
Last Sunday May Trout Pontecaldelas Pontevedra
1st Weekend June O Sainés Red Wine Barrantes, Ribadumia Pontevedra
2nd Weekend June Cherries Beade, Vigo Pontevedra
Last Saturday June Xema Roscón (donut) A Guarda Pontevedra
Last Sunday June Lobster A Guarda Pontevedra
1st Saturday July Roncudo Goose Barnacles Corme, Ponteceso A Coruña
1st Sunday July Rosquilla (croissant) Gondomar Pontevedra
St. Benito’s Day (11th July) Cea Bread Cea Ourense
Nearest Sun. 11th July Tripe Mosteiro, Meis Pontevedra
Sun. before 16th July Clams Carril, Vilagarcía Pontevedra
16th July Sardines Cortegada, Silleda Pontevedra
25th July Xoubas (small sardines) Rianxo Pontevedra
25th July Churrasco (Barbecued Steak) Covelo Pontevedra
Last Sunday July Lamb al espeto Moraña Pontevedra
(Roasted on a Spit)
1st Friday August Omelette Laro, Silleda Pontevedra
1st Saturday August Herbón Peppers Padrón A Coruña
1st Sunday August Albariño Wine Cambados Pontevedra
1st Sunday August Razor Clams Fisterra A Coruña
1st Sunday August Mussels Vilanova de Arousa Pontevedra
1st Weekend August Peppers Arnoia Ourense
2nd Sunday August Octopus O Carballiño Ourense
3nd Weekend August Wine from Valdeorras A Rúa Ourense
15th August Ham A Cañiza Pontevedra
3rd Sunday August Pie Allariz Ourense
3rd Sunday August O Condado Aguardiente(liquor) Sela, Arbo Pontevedra
3rd Sunday August Clams Campelo, Poio Pontevedra
3rd Saturday August Pie Bandeira, Silleda Pontevedra
Sat. after 16th August Queimada (Flaming liquor)(A Maruxaina) Cervo Lugo
18th August Sardines Sada A Coruña
Last Sunday August Roast Suckling Pig Amil, Moraña Pontevedra
Last Sunday August Corn Bread Cabral, Vigo Pontevedra
Last Sunday August Cottage Cheese A Capela A Coruña
Last Sunday August Pie Noia A Coruña
Last Sunday August O Condado Wine Salvaterra Pontevedra
3rd Sunday Sept. Potatoes Coristanco A Coruña
Last Sunday Sept, Eels Valga Pontevedra
2nd Weekend Octob. Potatoes Vilar de Barrio Ourense
2nd Week October Shellfish O Grove Pontevedra
Sun. after 9th October Beans Lourenzá Lugo
Last Sunday October Scallop Bueu Pontevedra
1st November Mushrooms As Pontes A Coruña
11th November Roast Chestnuts Ourense Ourense
1st week December Carne richada Forcarei Pontevedra
1st week December pork loin Petín Ourense
13th December Barbecued steak Silleda Pontevedra
21st December Goose Vilalba Lugo
22th December Goose Arzúa A Coruña
Saturday following Christmas Rib Pie A Rúa Ourense

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