Compostela opens the doors to its lesser known heritage

Beyond its buildings and spaces of reference such as the Cathedral, Santiago de Compostela treasures a rich heritage that is less known and that remains out of the reach of residents and visitors. These are places that are not usually open to the public, but that keep part of the past and the history of the city. To reverse this situation at least for a few days, the Invisible Heritage Week is launched for the third consecutive year, a program that will allow places normally closed to visitors to open their doors to reveal their secrets.


The program will take place between September 14th and 18th with guided visits to a dozen spaces and buildings in Santiago and its surroundings: the Gothic House, the Pazo de Amarante, the San Roque Hospital, the Colexio dos Irlandeses-Pazo de Ramirás, the Colexio de Fonseca, the SGAE headquarters, the Hostal dos Reis Católicos, the Construction Labor Foundation, the old Fonte Branca and Ponte Mantible springs and the Capela das Ánimas. Thus, in this offer there are buildings with several centuries of history that recreate the ecclesiastical, university and stately past of the city, with buildings that evoke industries that have disappeared and others that immerse us in modernity.


The visits to each of these spaces will be guided by specialized and accredited personnel and the participating groups will be small in size to guarantee security measures, facilitate access to explanations and ensure the protection of the cultural asset. Participation in the visits is free, but it is necessary to register in advance (as of Wednesday, September 9th) and each interested person can only book a maximum of three visits for two people. It is thus intended to help the activity reach the largest number of visitors possible.


Visits to the Hostal dos Reis Católicos, the Gothic House and the Compostela springs are scheduled for Monday 14th. On Tuesday 14th the Labor Foundation, the Capela das Ánimas, the SGAE headquarters, the Pazo de Amarante, the Hostal dos Reis Católicos and the Hospital de San Roque will open their doors. On Wednesday 16th it will be the time of the Colexio de Fonseca, the Gothic House, the Labor Foundation and the Pazo de Amarante. On Thursday 17th, you will be able to access the Colexio dos Irlandeses, the Capela das Ánimas, the SGAE headquarters, the Hostal dos Reis Católicos and the Hospital de San Roque. And on Friday 18th the Invisible Heritage Week will come to an end with visits to the Labor Foundation, the Gothic House, the Colexio de Fonseca, the Pazo de Amarante and the San Roque Hospital.


You can consult all the information about visits and schedules, and request a place through the web


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