As Burgas: Journey to the origins of Ourense

Declared a Site of Cultural Interest in 2007, these mineral-medicinal hot springs are one of the most recognizable sites in the city of Ourense. Around them, in the heart of the historical centre, was born the settlement that the ancient Romans called Aquis Aurienses, and that would end up being the current city.

As Burgas are divided into 4 different areas: The “Burga de Abaixo” built in the 19th century, on whose central pile you can see the coat of arms of the city.  The “Burga do Medio” next to the wall and in a modern style. The “Burga de Arriba” completed in the seventeenth century and finally the central esplanade in which are the remains of the swimming pool – sanctuary of the first century A.D. next to the four aras in honor of the deities worshipped by the Roman inhabitants.  Older in the area we will find the Fervedoiro, a square pond, where the water seems to be boiling.  

The water from the springs comes from underground aquifers located more than a kilometre deep and emanates at a temperature of 60°C. These waters have been used and are still used for medicinal purposes, although curative purposes have not been their only use, but many industries and families of antiquity moved to this area to take advantage of their warm waters in a more lukewarm way.

It is believed that As Burgas was a center of pilgrimage in ancient times and that they were also used by pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago as they passed through Ourense, to rest and relax from their journey.

A thermal pool in the historical centre

Beyond the undeniable historical interest of the area, we can take advantage of our visit to As Burgas to take a bath like that of our ancestors in the 200 square meter outdoor thermal water pool. 

These waters are around 37ºC – 40ºC, a perfect temperature for bathing. They are waters of weak mineralization, alkaline and lithinic that beyond healing purposes are used for relaxation and enjoyment.

On the premises there is an area equipped for changing rooms and lockers, as well as a wet sauna.  If you are planning a visit, please note that on Mondays the pool is closed for maintenance.

As Burgas Interpretation Centre

Since 2012, the site has had an Interpretation Centre dedicated to informative and didactic purposes about the history and evolution of As Burgas. It has five thematic exhibition rooms that help us understand the origin of As Burgas, its composition, its therapeutic uses, the legends that revolve around them or its relationship with the Jacobean pilgrimages. 

To complete your visit to As Burgas, we suggest you take a walk along the pedestrian boulevard of As Burgas, where you can appreciate the main archaeological finds of the area: three contemporary wells, a medieval tomb, Roman wall structures of the As Burgas spa and the sanctuary pool of Revve Anabaraego.

Without a doubt, a perfect plan that combines cultural and leisure activities, with the advantage of being in the heart of the city of Ourense.5

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