A Ponte Maceira is already one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain

The beauty of A Ponte Maceira (Negreira) does not go unnoticed by visitors who come to this place located on the banks of the River Tambre. Many people who visit it say that it is one of the most beautiful villages in Galicia and Spain. Now, they can say it with more emphasis because the title is already official.


Characterized by the picture that draws the medieval bridge of Romanesque origin that connects Negreira and Ames and converted into a passage for pilgrims heading to Fisterra, A Ponte Maceira has just been included by the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages of Spain in the select group of places (less than a hundred) that have this seal of quality. The organization, born in 2011 and integrated into an international federation, is creating a network that brings together “places of great beauty that distil history and culture at the same time” and groups them “under the same quality brand”. Its promoters intend to promote rural areas and small municipalities (the recognition is targeted at populations under 15,000 inhabitants) and “involve the different administrations to support, care for and respect our heritage.”


A Ponte Maceira has entered this restricted club at the request of the City Council of Negreira and after overcome several requirements: comply the population criteria, have an architectural heritage or natural certificate, and approve the audit performed by the entity’s quality staff and that It includes very different aspects: cleaning, conservation of facades, harmony and homogeneity of the constructions, limitations on the circulation of vehicles, existence of car parks, care of the garden areas and treatment of advertising badges and posters, among many others.


From the organization explain “any town that has our brand comply the criteria of quality, beauty and tourist accessibility that will not disappoint any visitor.” In addition, they emphasize that only 20% of the towns that request their adhesion to this seal of quality manage to exceed the selection criteria. In the case of Galicia, only two locations achieved recognition in A Ponte Maceira before: Mondoñedo and Castro Caldelas.


The incorporation of the village located in Negreira was approved at the seventh national assembly of the Most Beautiful Villages of Spain held on November 30th in Puebla de Sanabria along with 14 other locations throughout the country.


From now on, A Ponte Maceira will be able to show in its accesses the signs that accredit its new condition and beneficiary of the promotional actions developed by the entity.


One more reason to enjoy this place.


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