5 plans for Valentine’s Day in Galicia

February 14th is just around the corner and everyone is looking for a plan to enjoy Valentine’s Day with his partner. In Galicia we also know about love and we have plenty of resources for an unforgettable romantic evening. There are many more options but we propose these 5 ideas to spend Valentine’s Day in Galicia:

  • Relax in a spa or a thalasso

The first plan that we propose you is a day of wellness. How about a bath in mineral-medicinal waters that bring benefits to your health? Or relaxation and beauty treatments with seaweed or chocolate? You will be able to do that and much more in our thalassos and spas.

Galicia is the main thermal destination in Spain with more than 300 springs of mineral-medicinal waters that help prevent or treat various ills, depending on the qualities of each one. On the other hand, our link to the sea has led to the emergence of thalassotherapy centers, which use the benefits of seawater and environmental elements such as algae or sludge.

These centers are usually part of hotels of enormous variety that will allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs, tastes or budget.

You can check all our spas and thalassos at: http://bit.ly/WellnessTourismGalicia

  • Romantic night in a stately home

One of the attractions of Galicia is our offer of rural tourism and, in this second option, we want to recommend our stately homes. These are houses of the Galician nobility built mainly between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that today have been reinvented as elegant accommodation places with stories to tell, surrounded, many of them, magnificent gardens by which to take a romantic walk. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

On our website you can see the list of stately homes in Galicia that admit tenants: http://bit.ly/StatelyHome

In addition to pazos, there is also the option of accommodation in farmhouses, monasteries and even in a castle. Consult our offer of rural tourism in: http://bit.ly/RuralTourismGalicia  

  • A date in the treetops

If you are really looking for a unique stay, we encourage you to book a cabin in the forest. You will be able to enjoy the tranquillity and intimacy of the rural environment surrounded by nature.

These wooden houses, many of them suspended in the air, are a cozy space with comforts such as a whirlpool bath or terraces with views.

In addition, you can hire leisure activities such as hiking, horseback riding or rafting. If you like adventure and new and original things, this is your choice!

You can learn more about these cabins on: http://bit.ly/WoodenCabinsGalicia

  • Dinner for two in restaurant with Michelin Star

Romantic dinners are a classic Valentine’s Day but we plan to improve the experience. Reserve in one of the 11 restaurants with Michelin Star of Galicia and taste our best gastronomy, with dishes of the most recognized chefs of our community.

The most avant-garde creations, with the best raw material, await you in these cult establishments in search of a unique and genuinely Galician flavour. We assure you that dinner will not leave you indifferent. It’ll be the Valentine’s dinner you’ll remember for a long time.

To know all the restaurants in Galicia with Michelin Star, click on: http://bit.ly/MichelinStarsGalicia

  • Visit to a winery in the D. O. of Galicia

If you have a good palate, you will also enjoy a good wine. In Galicia, wine is tradition and many of our wineries offer visits to their facilities, from the most avant-garde and stately to family tradition. You will be able to taste the best wines of our lands and walk through their vineyards, on steep slopes or on the edge of the sea.

We have five designations of origin: Rías Baixas, O Ribeiro, Ribeira Sacra, Valdeorras and Monterrei. Can you decide for just one? Below we leave you with links to the wine routes of each of the D. O. so that you can choose the winery that most attracts your attention:

What plan do you want more? Do you have in mind any other plan you want to do in Galicia? Tell us!

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